Budget, Audit, and Board of Review Committee

The Budget, Audit and Board of Review Committee is responsible for review and recommendations to the Council concerning the City's Operating and Capital Budget programs and for coordinating Council adoption of the annual budget. This committee reviews monthly revenues and expenditures status reports from the Chief Administrative Office, amendments to the Operating and Capital Budgets, and fiscal implications of all ordinances, motions, resolutions, economic development projects, leases and contracts brought before the Council. The Committee is also responsible for supervision and delivery of the City's annual and single audit of federal and state funds, oversight of the administration's response to Management Letter Findings, and administration of the Board of Review process.

  • Joseph I. Giarrusso III - District A
  • Helena N. Moreno - At-Large
  • Jean Paul "JP" Morrell - At-Large
  • Eugene J. Green - District D
  • Oliver Thomas - District E


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