Community Development Committee

The Community Development Committee combines the responsibilities of the former Housing and Human Needs, Health, Education and Social Services, and Youth and Recreation Committees. It reviews city, state and federal housing laws; provides a cost-benefit analysis of housing code enforcement programs and agencies; examines infrastructure projects affecting housing quality in the City's 72 neighborhoods; and investigates complaints from citizens relative to housing law violations and recommends Council action. It also reviews the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission's current programming, facility maintenance, and concerns related to them.

In addition, the committee provides the opportunity for providers of health, recreational and educational opportunities for New Orleans youth to share community resources arising from both public and private entities. This forum fosters an effective dialogue between the community, service providers, and city government to develop and support recreation and youth activities here in New Orleans. Finally, the committee provides a place to discuss and oversee matters where there is an intersection between the City's responsibilities, the Recovery School District, and the Orleans Parish School Boards.

  • Freddie King III - District C
  • Helena N. Moreno - At-Large
  • Joseph I. Giarrusso III - District A
  • Jean Paul "JP" Morrell - At-Large
  • Lesli Harris - District B


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