IIJA Joint Council and Legislative Committee

The IIJA Joint Council and Legislative Special Committee was created in response to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).  Its purpose is to provide an inclusive platform for dialogue and project information among Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s City Department II JA Task Force, State of Louisiana departments responsible for formula funding distribution, including the Departments of Transportation and Development, Health, and Environmental Quality, and ConnectLA, the Sewerage and Water Board, the Port of New Orleans, Louis Armstrong International Airport, business and community groups, and numerous other entities and organizations.  The Committee is tasked with developing a report containing an overview of its work, stakeholders and organizations engaged, key recommendations, and prioritized infrastructure projects. The report is due to the Council by August 1, 2022.

Upcoming meetings

  • Cm. Helena Moreno – Chairperson
  • Cm. Jean Paul “JP” Morrell
  • Cm. Joseph I Giarrusso III
  • Cm. Lesli D. Harris
  • Cm. Freddie King III
  • Cm. Eugene J. Green, Jr.
  • Cm. Oliver M. Thomas, Jr.
  • State Rep. Jason Hughes
  • State Rep. Mandie Landry
  • State Rep. Matthew Willard
  • State Sen. Joseph Bouie, Jr.
  • State Sen. Jimmy Harris
  • State Sen. Cameron Henry
  • U.S. Rep. Troy Carter or his designee