August 1, 2018

Read Councilmember Helena Moreno's 100 Day Report Here

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Dear New Orleans,

Today marks 100 Days since my term began as your Councilmember-at-Large and my team has been moving full-speed since Day One. It’s been exciting to see how quickly our work at the city-level has moved the needle on many critical issues. We are energized by the work so far and will continue to build momentum by connecting with key community leaders and stakeholders, in order to make an impact every day!

At the outset, we took immediate steps to address urgent issues impacting public safety, confidence in public government, and quality of life. In the First 100 Days in office, we have made community outreach and transparency a priority as I promised to do during my campaign. Accountability to those we serve throughout our city is essential to our office’s core philosophy and a leading motivation for providing this report to the people.

As always, I look forward to working with you to make sure each and every New Orleanian has the opportunity to thrive. While we face certain challenges ahead, we will continue to fight for a safer, more affordable New Orleans.

My team is here for you. Please continue to reach out so we may assist with making New Orleans work for you.


Helena Moreno
New Orleans City Council
Vice President
New Orleans City Council
Councilmember-at-Large Helena Moreno