January 1, 2019

Message from Councilmember Joseph I. Giarrusso III

As I reflect on 2018 and plan for 2019, I am so proud of our work during the first eight months of this term. While running for office, I found that most people care about the same fundamental things: a functioning city, a strong economy, and better quality of life. I have focused and will remain focused on those issues.
Some of the accomplishments I’m most proud of are:
  • Created a plan for increased Sewerage and Water Board Accountability through quarterly reporting and regular presentations to the Public Works Committee
  • Passed Legislation declaring unmaintained pools an emergency and directing the City to fill them
  • Pushed for maintaining funding for the Department of Works budget
  • Cm. Moreno’s ordinance, supported by the Public Works Committee, for dedicated funding for catch basin cleaning and maintenance
  • Created the Quality of Life Committee
  • Helped shut down Mel’s Food Store and focused on nuisance residential owners and businesses
  • Pushed for RTA bus line extension to Ochsner Main Campus
This year my staff and I plan to continue pushing for better performance from the Sewerage and Water Board, improved quality of life, and more strategic investments in our city’s infrastructure.
  • Continued focus on billing, service cuts, and improved communication.
  • Focus on the $2.4 billion in FEMA funds for infrastructure and working with Mayor Cantrell on a dedicated fund for infrastructure.
  • Quality of Life Committee will meet quarterly beginning February 27, 2019)
Please keep up with the work my office is doing by following me on Facebook and Twitter @cmgiarrusso , signing up for my newsletter or by calling the office at (504) 658-1010. See below to read more about the work we did in 2018.
My best wishes to you and your family for a happy and prosperous 2019.
My first order of business was to use my position as Chair of the Public Works Committee to look at the service and operations of the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans and the Department of Public Works.
Much of my legislative agenda has been determined by the complaints I hear most from constituents. Click the button below to read about my 2018 legislative highlights.
My staff and I hear daily from residents about things that are degrading their quality of life and making their neighborhood a less welcoming place to live and raise a family. Sometimes these are neighborhood-specific, but more often than not they are issues residents across the entire city. When possible, I have worked with the Administration to address these issues or passed legislation to do so. Click the button below to read about my quality of life initiatives.