Council Directory


Helena Moreno, Councilmember-At-Large
Name Title Email
General Contact 504-658-1060, 504-658-1068 (fax)  
Helena Moreno Councilmember-At-Large
Andrew Tuozzolo Chief of Staff
Sayde Finkel Legislative and Public Policy Director
Josett Thompson Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Sherae Hunter Director of Community Engagement and Special Projects
Joseph I. Giarrusso III, Councilmember District "A"
Name Title Email
General Contact 504-658-1010, 504-658-1016 (fax)  
Joseph I. Giarrusso III Councilmember
Amanda Rizzo Chief of Staff
Nina Killeen Special Projects Director
Claire F. Byun Communications and Land Use Director
LeeAnn M. Moss Constituent Services Director

Aimee McCarron  Policy Director
Jean Paul "JP" Morrell, Councilmember-At-Large
Name Title Email
General Contact 504-658-1070  
Jean Paul "JP" Morrell Councilmember-At-Large 

Krystal D. Hendon Chief of Staff
Julia Zuckerman Legislative Director
James Baker Director of Community Engagement
Monet Brignac-Sullivan Director of Communications
Syneria L. Terrell Legislative Aide- Executive Assistant
Freddie King III, Councilmember District "C"  
Name Title Email Phone
General Contact 504-658-1030, 504-658-1037 (fax)    
Freddie King III Councilmember  
Charles E. Toney Jr. Chief of Staff 504-658-1032
Landon Williams Director of Constituent Services 504-658-1034
Emmanuel Knox Director of Community Outreach
& Proclamations 504-658-1031
Eleanor Gaudin Director of Special Projects 504-658-1039
Winston Fiore Director of Land Use
& Constituent Affairs Liaison 504-658-1033
Eugene J. Green, Councilmember District "D"
Name Title Email
General Contact 504-658-1040, 504-658-1048 (fax)  
Eugene J. Green Councilmember

Sandra G. Thomas Chief of Staff
Monique N. Green Legislative Director
Pierce Huff Administrative Assistant
Lionel Scott 6/7 Ward Constituent Services Liaison
Anne Kiefer Lakefront/Bayon St. John Constituent Services Liaison
Durrell Laurent

Gentilly/8th Ward Constituent Services Liaison
Jordan Hawbaker  Constituent Services Liaison
Oliver Thomas, Councilmember District "E"
Name Title Email
General Contact 504-658-1050  
Oliver Thomas Councilmember
Diedre Pierce Chief of Staff
Dominique Lang Legislative Director
Darren Martin Director of Community Engagement
Anna "Lena" Stewart Special Projects Coordinator
Andrea Mumford Executive Assistant
Wesley T. Bishop Director of Policy & Government Affairs
Lesli Harris, Councilmember District "B"
Name Title Email
General Contact 504-658-1020  
Lesli Harris Councilmember
Alison Poort Chief of Staff
Elizabeth D. Holman Director of Land Use
Matthew C. Schoenberger Director of Community Engagement

Jada D. Nathan Director of Communications and Special Projects
 Lauren R. Fox Director of Communications & External Relations
Ella I. Conway Management Development Assistant

Central Staff

Chief of Staff  
Name  Title Email
General Contact 504-658-1095, 504-658-1100 (fax)  
Paul Harang Chief of Staff
Adam Swensek Executive Counsel  
Justyn A. Hawkins Deputy Chief of Staff
Kawanda Coleman Information Technology Specialist II  
Kenny A. Chenier Broadcast and Production Manager  
Larry Perkins Broadcast & Production Coordinator  
Council Research Division    
Name Title Email  
Anita B. Curran Council Research Officer  
Nathan Carter Mgmt. Development Specialist    
Genevia Lewis Office Assistant    
Council Fiscal Office    
Name Title Email  
General Contact 504-658-1090, 504-658-1100 (fax)    
Calvin Aguillard Council Fiscal Officer    
Ashley M. Spears Council Fiscal Officer    
Donna J. Johnson Management Development Specialist II    
Anita Bernard Management Development Supervisor I / CHRO    
Sentrell Gordon Principal Office Support Specialist    
Clerk of Council    
Name Title Email  
General Contact 504-658-1085, 504-658-1140 (fax)

Aisha Collier Assistant Council Clerk    
Naomi R. Mark Legislative Services Specialist    
Cecil C. Hartzog Legislative Services Specialist    
Denise Mills Legislative Services Specialist
Denise M. Russ MIS Lan Technician    
Lisa C. Hickman Office Assistant III    
Joycelyn M. Ruffin Office Assistant IV    
Sharon Clark Office Assistant IV    
Angela Sarker Mgmt. Development Analyst I
Sara K. Bynum Office Assistant I
 Yamise Crawford Office Worker
Tavier Jett Office Worker
Heather Lampkin Office Worker
Council Utilities Regulatory Office    
Name Title Email  
General Contact 504-658-1110, 504-658-1117 (fax)    
Erin Spears CURO Chief of Staff  
Bobbie Mason CURO Deputy Chief of Staff  
Tiffany Domino Office Support Specialist

Shannon Oldfield  Principal Engineer  
Christopher Roberts Management Development Specialist II  
Byron Minor Legislative Aide  504-658-1113
Tyrianne Varnado

Attorney III

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