Regular Meeting

December 01, 2010 10:00 AM

City Council Chamber

Adopted 2011 City Budget

City Council President and Budget Committee Chair Arnie Fielkow led the Council in addressing Ordinances relative to the 2011 city budget.

The Council adopted Ordinance Calendar No. 28,186, providing for a Capital Budget for 2011; Ordinance Calendar No. 28,187, providing an Operating Budget of Revenues for 2011; and Ordinance Calendar No. 28,188, providing an Operating Budget of Expenditures for 2011. This year, the City’s budget presentation and hearing format followed the “Budgeting for Outcomes” model, which was organized by “result area” rather than department.

Among the priority areas included in the budget are public safety, blight eradication, street light repair and street maintenance, a reformed recreation system and improved customer service at City Hall. The 2011 budget also includes substantial funds to improve auditing and collection of property tax and other uncollected debts.

In addition, the Council adopted amendments to the Operating Budget of Revenues and the Operating Budget of Expenditures, adjusting funds for operating expenses, personal services and budget totals in various city departments.


Revisions made by the Council to the original proposed budget include cuts in excess of $4 million dollars and the addition of funds for critical services and departments including the New Orleans Fire Department, Office of Public Defender, Tulane Towers GED Program, youth summer employment program, City Planning Commission, animal control, senior citizen programming, recycling program and cultural arts programs.

Additionally, the Council passed Ordinance Calendar No. 28,185, adjusting the property tax millage rate for 2011 to 12.91 mills on the dollar of the assessed valuation of property. This marks a 6.74 increase in millage overall, a two mill reduction from the 8.74 mill increase included in the original budget proposal. The Council

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