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April 21, 2016 

City Council Chamber

City Council April 21, 2016 Regular Meeting News Summary

Thursday, April 21, 2016 - New Orleans, LA - Today, the New Orleans City Council acknowledged the one year anniversary since the smoke-free New Orleans Ordinance was voted into law. Last years' unanimous vote on the smoke-free ordinance caused the city to see a multitude of improvements in the overall air quality at bars and casinos.
In other business, the Council passed a motion allowing for the disbursement of $1.35 million in funds that the Jazz Casino Company, LLC, is required to pay to the city each year pursuant to its lease agreement. The $1.35 million will be distributed between the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) and the Recovery School District (RSD) for capital projects. 

Smoke-Free Ordinance: One Year Anniversary


One year ago, the City Council unanimously passed the Smoke-Free Ordinance that was developed to protect the public's health by reducing exposure to secondhand smoke for patrons and employees at bars and casinos. Under this new law, the city has seen a 96% reduction of indoor air pollution levels. In addition, indoor locations that were previously marked as having "Hazardous" air quality have been upgraded to "Good." 
"In early 2015, we came together to make history ensuring that our city is healthy and that our air is cleaner for future generations," said District "B" Councilmember Latoya Cantrell. "Together, we will continue to make New Orleans a city that we all can be proud of."

The Council Approves distribution of $1.35 Million in Funds Required by the Jazz Casino Company Lease Agreement to fund OPSB and RSD Capital Projects

District "B" Councilmember Latoya Cantrel
At today's meeting, the council passed a motion allowing for the disbursement of $1.35 million in funds that the Jazz Casino Company, LLC, is required to pay to the city each year pursuant to its lease agreement. The funds will be used for OPSB and RSD capital projects. The disbursement is broken down as follows:

Repairs to Eleanor McMain High School: $91,000

Youth Opportunity Center: $512,500

New Orleans Therapeutic Day Program: $512,500

Career Readiness: $117,000

Capital and Emergency Facility Needs: $117,000

Moment of Silence for Terrorist Victims Throughout the World

New Orleans City Council and Mayor Mitch Landrieu join together for a moment of silence
In response to the recent terrorist attacks across the world, the Council and Mayor Mitch Landrieu devoted a moment of silence for the victims of terrorism in Turkey, Belgium and other areas in the world. They were joined at the meeting by members of the Louisiana Consular Corps.
"Too many lives have been cut short around the world by cowardly terrorist attacks," said District "C" Councilmember Nadine Ramsey. "I thank the members of the International Diplomatic Corps for being here to stand in solidarity and for their pledge to work together to bring peace and opportunity to our city and around the world."

University Trauma Center Renamed in Honor of the Late Dr. Norman McSwain

The Council passed a resolution commending University Medical Center New Orleans for renaming its trauma center the "Norman E. McSwain, Jr., MD Spirit of Charity Trauma Center." Dr. Norman McSwain was a revered physician best known for establishing New Orleans' emergency medical services system. Dr. McSwain was 78 when he passed away on Tuesday, July 28, 2015.
"I am happy to have a co-author in this resolution commending the great Dr. Norman McSwain," said District "B" Councilmember Cantrell. "Former Councilmember Jackie Clarkson spearheaded the resolution back in 2009 naming the trauma center the 'Spirit of Charity Trauma Center'."

Mosquito Control Standards to be Updated in the Event of Zika Virus Threat to the City

Today, the Council passed an ordinance to update the city's mosquito control standards in order for the city to be better prepared in the event of a public health emergency. The update to the control standards prohibits the existence of, creation, keeping or maintenance of artificially induced mosquito breeding areas, including conditions deemed to allow for the existence of, creation, keeping or maintenance of an artificially induced mosquito breeding area.
"The Zika Virus is in fact a public threat worldwide. Due to our climate, this is something that we should be aware of and prepared for as a city," said Council President Williams. "I am happy that we are taking a comprehensive and proactive approach to this threat."

Recognition of New Orleans Emergency Medical Services Professionals

Council President Jason Williams and Councilmember Susan Guidry joined by New Orleans Emergency Medical Services professionals
Prior to the Regular City Council Meeting, the Council recognized the hard work of the New Orleans Emergency Medical Services professionals. These great men and women have dedicated their lives to ensuring the public's safety and well-being and help make New Orleans the great city that it is.
"The Orleans Parish Communications District has been charged with fortifying the multiple emergency service outlets the citizens of our great city call on regularly. These operators are who we turn to in our worst moments," said Council President Jason Williams. "Today, the New Orleans City Council joins OPCD in recognizing the men and women who have taken the multiple challenges our lives present, and have risen to the occasion time and time again."

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