Regular Meeting

May 19, 2016 

City Council Chamber

City Council May 19, 2016 Regular Meeting News Summary

Today, the New Orleans City Council passed an ordinance establishing the "Carrollton Bird Sanctuary" prohibiting the killing of animals, birds or wild fowl within the delineated boundaries of the sanctuary.
In other news, the Council passed a motion announcing its intent to vote on an ordinance to amend and reordain sections of the Code of the City of New Orleans relative to the taxation of hotels in the City of New Orleans.

The Council also heard presentations from community members in the Black Pearl neighborhood and Communities in Schools of Greater New Orleans, Inc.

City Council Recognizes Black Pearl Neighborhood's Historical Efforts to save George Washington Carver Playground

More than 40 years ago, the Black Pearl neighbors came together to protect a community treasure that was important to the wellbeing of the community - the George Washington Carver Playground. 

 The Carver Booster Club, neighborhood churches and other community churches came together to protest the closure of the George Washington Carver Playground in the spring of 1974. The unity and action of the neighborhood led to the playground being a permanent fixture in the neighborhood even today. 

"The playground was the only one in the Black Pearl neighborhood. No other play area existed within a two-mile radius of the area. Three football teams, three baseball teams and two basketball teams called this park home," said District "B" Councilmember LaToya Cantrell. "I really admire your courage to protest to keep the park open in the neighborhood. It speaks a lot about the character and pride of the citizens of this great community."

Carrollton Bird Sanctuary Established

District "A" Councilmember Susan Guidry
Shortly after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Pigeon Town peacock, often referred to as Mr. P, started being spotted throughout Pigeon Town in the Carrollton neighborhood. Many residents quickly grew attached to their new feathered neighbor.

After an incident where the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LASPCA) was called to catch Mr. P, residents wanted a way to ensure the protection of the peacock and other birds in the area.

From the community's actions, Councilmember Susan G. Guidry proposed the "Carrollton Bird Sanctuary" ordinance that passed at today's council meeting protecting the many different birds and fowl that live in this unique and vibrant community. 

"This ordinance creates a 15th bird sanctuary in the Carrollton area to provide those protections to the Carrollton peacocks and parrots, thereby preserving the unique charm and character of one of our city's many vibrant neighborhoods," said District "A" Councilmember Susan G. Guidry.

Recognizing the Great Work of Communities in Schools of Greater New Orleans, Inc.

Sara Massey, president of Communities in Schools of Greater New Orleans, Inc.
Today, the Council recognized the work of Communities in Schools of Greater New Orleans, Inc. This organization is the Louisiana affiliate of Communities in Schools, the nation's largest organization dedicated to keeping kids in school and helping them to succeed in life. 

Communities in School's model positions site coordinators inside schools to assess students' needs and provide resources for them to succeed in the classroom and in life. The organization partners with local businesses, social service agencies, health care providers and volunteers to eliminate or reduce the barriers to success for children. 

"We all want children to do well in school, but there are a lot of obstacles and burdens involved with getting kids from their homes to their schools," said Council Vice President Jason Williams. "Many kids without the assistance from programs like Communities in Schools would not be able to succeed, which is why programs like these are so important to the community."

District "D" Councilmember Jared C. Brossett Authors Motion to Require the City Council to Submit One Evaluation Report on City Council Contractors

District "D" Councilmember Jared C. Brossett
Earlier this year, the Council passed Ordinance 30,950 which was authored by District "D" Councilmember Jared C. Brossett and requires city agencies, commissions and departments that administer contracts to complete and submit at least one report evaluating the performance of the contractor.

Today, the council passed Motion M-16-92, similar to the aforementioned ordinance, requiring that the New Orleans City Council also complete and submit at least one report evaluating the performance of professional service contractors that the Council hires. The evaluation report will be developed by the Council Chief of Staff, and the purpose is to simply ensure that the work performed under the contract is measured against the specifications in the contract. 

"Now, both the administrative and legislative branches of our city government will play an active role in the contract monitoring and evaluation process. This improved monitoring process will eliminate surprises and increase accountability," said Councilmember Brossett. "I firmly believe that an effective contract monitoring system is one that occurs on an on-going basis throughout the term of the contract, and one that mitigates risk through early identification of potential problems."

The Council Announced Its Intention to Vote on Hotel Tax Ordinance at June 23 Meeting

The Council passed a motion today announcing its intention to vote on an ordinance to amend and reordain Sections 150-441, 150-874, 150-969 and 150-1002, of the Code of the City of New Orleans, relative to the taxation of hotels in the City of New Orleans. Currently, the Council anticipated voting on this ordinance on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

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