Regular Meeting

July 14, 2016 

City Council Chamber

City Council July 14, 2016 Regular Meeting News Summary

NEW ORLEANS - At today's City Council meeting, the Council adopted an ordinance authorizing Cooperative Endeavor Agreements between the city of New Orleans and state of Louisiana to allow and facilitate completion of multiple drainage projects throughout the city and unanimously approved an ordinance facilitating the creation of the Orleans Parish Schools Safe Routes to School Initiative.

In other news, the Council approved a motion changing the date of the next regular City Council meeting from Thursday, July 28 to Thursday, July 21, at 10 a.m., and heard a presentation from the co-founders of A Better Future, Inc.

Council Unanimously Approves Ordinance for Safe Routes to School Initiative

Councilmembers unanimously voted to adopt an ordinance facilitating the creation of the Orleans Parish Schools Safe Routes to School Initiative. Under the City Department of Health, an office will be created to diligently work towards ensuring safer ways for children to access bus routes, walking and bike paths throughout the city.

The initiative will benefit communities by creating safer infrastructure for the children of New Orleans, and it will allow the city to commission an examination of existing bus routes, as well as hire additional crossing guards.

Authorization of Cooperative Endeavor Agreements Between the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana to Allow and Facilitate Drainage Projects

The Council approved several ordinances authorizing the city of New Orleans to enter into Cooperative Endeavor Agreements (CEAs) with the State of Louisiana. These agreements would enable the City to have access to the federal funds allocated for drainage projects throughout the City. Upon entrance into the CEAs, the City will be able to allow and facilitate the construction of the proposed drainage projects in the Academy Park, Algiers, Bayou St. John, Lakeview, Mirabeau, Pontilly Park, and Broadmoor neighborhoods.

The main purpose of these drainage projects is to make the aforementioned areas more sustainable with New Orleans' wet climate. Additions to the neighborhoods will aid with flooding, subsidence and water quality. Some of the projects plan to transition stormwater areas into community green spaces, so that coexisting with water can be both easier and beneficial for residents.

Second July Regular City Council Meeting Rescheduled to July 21

The Council passed a motion to change the date of the next regular City Council meeting from Thursday, July 28 to Thursday, July 21. The second regular City Council meeting in July will now take place on July 21, 2016, at 10 a.m., in the Council Chamber located on the first floor of New Orleans City Hall.

Motion Approving the Issuance of Two Utility Requests for Qualifications

The Council adopted a motion to approve the issuance of Requests for Qualifications for (1) highly qualified and experienced attorneys or law firms versed in cable, telecommunications and technology issues, and (2) highly qualified and experienced electric and gas utility regulatory technical and legal consultants versed in electric and gas utility regulatory issues.

Once the Requests for Qualifications are issued, additional information will be available on the New Orleans City Council website,

Council Recognized A Better Future, Inc. for Their Work in the Community

Councilmembers James Gray and LaToya Cantrell pictured with A Better Future, Inc. 
The City Council recognized A Better Future, Inc. for its contributions to the city of New Orleans. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit is dedicated to rebuilding New Orleans by restoring communities one blighted property at a time. Thier work aims to provide affordable housing for first responders, senior citizens and veterans primarily in the communities of Hollygrove and Gert Town. New Orleans Saints' safety, Jairus Byrd, has greatly assisted in funding their efforts.

In its second year, A Better Future, Inc. is currently rebuilding a house in Hollygrove and has already rebuilt a property in Gert Town. The organization's founders, Robin Fennidy and Joann Bland, recognize that affordable housing is difficult to find, and they are committed to alleviating the issue through the work of A Better Future, Inc.

After rebuilding the property in Hollygrove, A Better Future, Inc. plans on selling the house and using the revenue to fund future refurbishes. Through their efforts, A Better Future, Inc. is providing affordable housing while renewing the city and catering to the community members who have served it. Community members can apply to live in the properties built by A Better Future, and a homeowner will be chosen by organization leaders and Jairus Byrd.

"We appreciate that you are coming from a spirit of empathy because that is needed in our city," said District "B" Councilmember LaToya Cantrell. "Thank you for recognizing that everyone has a different story and being ready to listen to every one of those different stories.

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