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September 08, 2016 

City Council Chamber

City Council September 8, 2016 Regular Meeting News Summary

NEW ORLEANS - At today's City Council meeting, the Council passed an ordinance requiring the reporting of lost or stolen firearms, a motion starting the process for electrical vehicle charging stations to be installed throughout the city and a resolution supporting the inter-parish transit transfer system between Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. In other news, the Council passed a package of ordinances aimed towards improving sales tax collection efforts in New Orleans.

Lastly, the Council heard presentations from the Committee for a Better New Orleans and representatives from the African American Male Wellness Walk.

New Orleans City Council Passes Motion Encouraging the Use of Electric Vehicles

Today, District "C" Councilmember Nadine Ramsey led the New Orleans City Council in passing legislation which supports the use of electric vehicles in the city and promotes citywide preparation for future climate change. This effort encourages the development and use of alternative forms of transportation technology.

The city hopes to accomplish the environmental goals detailed in the Master Plan by installing fast chargers on public property, incorporating electric vehicles into the city's fleet, creating incentives to instal fast chargers in parking lots, studying other appropriate policies to encourage the use of electric vehicles and removing barriers to electric vehicle ownership.

"With growing concerns surrounding the amount of emissions produced on a daily basis, I am working with my colleagues, administration, neighborhood organizations and citizens to ensure that our city is taking the appropriate steps towards a greener future for all," said Councilmember Ramsey. "Through collaboration of these parties, we aim to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly New Orleans."

New Orleans City Council Passes Ordinance Requiring Reporting of Lost or Stolen Firearms

In an effort to better protect the citizens of New Orleans, the New Orleans City Council unanimously passed an ordinance today requiring gun owners to report when their weapons are lost or stolen. The ordinance does not restrict law-abiding citizens from purchasing guns; however, it will restrict a person convicted of domestic abuse battery from purchasing a gun. Additionally, it prohibits carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon in firearm-free zones and outlaws the possession of a firearm without a serial number or identifying mark.

"As a community, we cannot sit back and rely on old methods to address our gun violence problem. For too long we have avoided addressing the flow of guns, and the access to guns, because addressing this problem is hard," said Council Vice President Jason Williams. "This ordinance takes reasonable, common sense steps to keep guns away from children and out of the hands of criminals. This ordinance is about gun safety and responsible gun ownership. It does nothing to limit a law abiding citizen's right to own a gun."

This ordinance aims to reduce the number of guns in New Orleans that end up in the hands of criminals, and it will help the New Orleans Police Department keep a record of the guns that are reported stolen or lost and where they originated from.

"Our gun legislation is meant to send a message. We will do everything in our power to reduce the number of our children that are killed every year in New Orleans. We simply will not tolerate it," said District "E" Councilman James A. Gray II. "I grew up with guns, my father taught me how to shoot and how to be responsible. I was a Marine in combat in Vietnam. M16s and AK47s are not hunting rifles. A Glock 19 with a 33-bullet magazine was not made to shoot deer. These guns were made to kill people.  If you're going to own a gun, you have to be responsible and make sure that your lost or stolen gun isn't used to hurt anyone."

City Council Adopts Three Sales Tax Collection Improvement Ordinances

The Council, in a collaborative effort to continue improving the City's sales tax collection efforts, passed three ordinances today. The ordinances modified the City's application requirements for retail alcoholic beverage permits, reporting requirements for renewals of retail alcoholic beverage permits, records retention requirements for alcohol dealers, annual reporting requirements for wholesale alcohol dealers, and penalties for non-compliance. City officials presented the Council with an accounting of the progress the Landrieu administration has made since taking office and discussed ongoing efforts to improve tax collection and fairness, and Councilmembers shared their recommendations and support for improved compliance.

"These ordinances are the result of a joint partnership between my office, the Landrieu administration, and industry stakeholders to strengthen the city's ability to collect sales taxes," said Council President Stacy Head. "I appreciate the work of all stakeholders, including the Louisiana Restaurant Association, the Business Council of New Orleans and the River Region, the French Quarter Business Association, the Beer League, and others to provide input and identify solutions that will make government more effective. The city benefits when everyone pays their fair share."

New Orleans to Host its First African American Male Wellness Walk on September 17

Local Honorary Chair Dr. Corey Hébert, New Orleans East Hospital President/CEO Dr. Takeisha Davis, Watson Memorials Teaching CEO Pastor Tom Watson, and Councilmember Head's Director of Constituent Services Ms. Barbara Lacen Keller gave a presentation on the upcoming New Orleans African American Male Wellness Walk. The first regional walk of the 12-year national initiative is set to take place on Saturday, Sept. 17. The initiative aims to raise awareness of preventable health diseases.

"African American men do more harm to themselves with a knife and fork than they do with any other hand-held instrument," said District "E" Councilmember James A. Gray. "We are six times more likely to die from a heart attack than from a gunshot.  We need to back away from the table and get moving. The African American Male Wellness Walk is literally about taking several steps in the right direction."

The all-day event opens with free health screenings starting at 7 a.m. The walk will follow at 9 a.m. and a youth walk will begin at 11 a.m. Throughout the day, participants will have access to health screenings, educational seminars and live entertainment. The initiative is free and open to everyone. For more information on the national initiative, visit 

New Orleans City Council Expresses Support for Inter-Parish Transfer System Between Jefferson and Orleans Parishes

The City Council expressed support through a resolution for an inter-parish transit transfer program between Jefferson Transit and the Regional Transit Authority. The reinstatement of an inter-parish transfer program would provide transit riders in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes with a more seamless public transportation option.

A featured goal of the city's Resilient New Orleans strategy is to improve effective and reliable transportation options for the many residents who access jobs across the region by public transportation, including low and moderate income communities.

The Jefferson Parish Department of Transit Administration and the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority previously implemented a One Day Ride ticket, which provided ticket holders with unlimited rides on both systems for one day. The Inter-Parish Day Ride Program commenced in 1999. However, the program was discontinued in August 2005 due to the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

"The residents of both Jefferson and Orleans Parishes have been waiting for the return of this system," said District "D" Councilmember Jared Brossett. "We have to think regionally about our workforce and ensuring they have access to get to point 'A' to 'B.' The return of this system will serve as a vital tool for many residents of both parishes to have access to more job opportunities that were inaccessible beforehand."

Committee for a Better New Orleans Recognized for Consistent Dedication to Improving the Community

Committee for a Better New Orleans (CBNO) President Keith Twitchell, CBNO's People's Budget Campaign Coordinator Kelsey Foster, and CBNO Board Co-Chair Anthony Carter gave a presentation on the organization's plans to move forward by maximizing community participation as the city reviews and amends the Master Planand ensuring that community participation remains a central component in the growth of the city.

District "A" Councilmember Susan Guidry presented a proclamation to CBNO for their dedication to the city of New Orleans as they celebrate their 50th anniversary. CBNO is a multi-racial, multi-generational community organization that works to create equality and opportunities throughout the city of New Orleans by developing community leaders, fostering civic engagement and advocating for open, effective, and accountable government.

"Committee for a Better New Orleans is behind a multitude of other initiatives that provide information and resources to access city programs and services to many citizens," said Councilmember Guidry. "Additionally, they enable our government to function more transparently, while allowing members of our community to be a major part of the decision making process."

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