Regular Meeting

October 06, 2016 

City Council Chamber

City Council October 6, 2016 Regular Meeting News Summary

NEW ORLEANS - At today's City Council meeting, the Council heard a presentation from various agencies and support organizations about their involvement in the community for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In other news, the Council passed multiple motions appointing members to the Neighborhood Housing Advisory Committee for a term that will expire on December 31, 2016.

Additionally, the Council has deferred its vote on Short Term Rental Zoning Docket to the Oct. 20 City Council Meeting.

Presentation to Increase Breast Cancer Awareness

Councilmembers Joined with Representatives from Various Breast Cancer Awareness Agencies and Support Organizations 

The City Council again provided mammograms free of charge to interested city hall employees and others who were interested.  Last year, 75 people were screened for breast cancer at the mobile medical center at City Hall. Of those 75 people, 10 of them were diagnosed with breast cancer. The goal of efforts such as mobile screening events are to increase the detection of potential cancers early and thus reduce the mortality rate.

Nearly one in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. In 2016 alone, roughly 246,000 new cases of breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the United States. However, breast cancer does not exclusively affect women. It also affects men. Nearly 2,600 new cases are expected to be diagnosed in men in 2016. At this rate, nearly one in 1,000 men will also be diagnosed with breast cancer.

"Women in the United States have a 12% lifetime risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer," said District "C" Councilmember Nadine Ramsey. "Louisiana is one of the states with the highest mortality rate from breast cancer in African Americans. I hope that with this presentation we not only raise awareness, but further increase the early detection of breast cancer."

The Council heard a presentation from various agencies and support organizations regarding their contributions to the community and involvement in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The presenters included the following:

  • Ellen L. Zakris, M.D., Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at Touro
  • Takeisha Davis, M.D., CEO, New Orleans East Hospital, LCMC Health
  • Denise Roubion-Johnson, M.D., Clinical Director for Louisiana Breast and Cervical Cancer, Early Detection Program, LSU
  • Senator Diana Bajoie, Retired District "B" Councilmember
  • Corey J. Hebert, M.D., Doctors of Charity, Co-Founder & CEO Community Health TV
  • Jeff Elder, M.D., EMS Director & Acting Director of Health Department
  • Joseph Kanter, M.D., MPH, Medical Director at New Orleans HEalth Department
  • Edward Fields, Retired Electrical Engineer
  • Lisa W. Plunkett, Susan G. Komen, New Orleans Affiliate Director
  • Lisa Baker RT (R)(M) Woman's Hospital

The presenters discussed the advancements in breast cancer detection and treatment, as well as the importance of regular check ups. Through regular check ups, early detection is possible, which increases the chances of defeating the cancer.

City Council Defers Vote on Short Term Rental Zoning Docket; Vote Expected Oct. 20

The Council deferred its vote on Zoning Docket 61/16, the City Planning Commission's recommendations for regulating Short Term Rentals in the City of New Orleans, until the October 20 City Council meeting. Zoning Docket 61/16 appeared on this Thursday's Council meeting agenda following the action taken by the City Planning Commission (CPC) on August 9, but the deadline for Council action is October 24, 2016.

City Council Passes Ordinance Relative to the Maximum Age of Taxicabs in the City

The Council passed Ordinance Calendar No. 31,473 increasing the maximum age of taxicabs from eight years to nine years. Under this new ordinance, taxicab owners will have an additional year before having to replace their vehicle.

"By passing this ordinance, we hope to reduce unnecessary financial burdens on the taxicab industry," said District "D" Councilmember Jared Brossett. "With advancements in technology, cars are capable of functioning on roads longer. As a council, we are making the necessary accommodations for the changing times."

City Council Appoints Members to Neighborhood Housing Advisory Committee

The Council passed multiple motions appointing members to the Neighborhood Housing Advisory Committee. The committee will advise and assist the mayor by making recommendations for the distribution of the Neighborhood Housing Fund. The recommendations will be in the form of a five-year master plan. The following members have been appointed to the committee for a term that will expire on December 31, 2016:
  • David Lessinger, appointed by Council President Stacy Head
  • Brenda Breaux, appointed by Council President Head
  • Monika Gerhart, appointed by District "A" Councilmember Susan Guidry
  • Andreanecia Morris, appointed by Council Vice President Jason Williams
  • Arthur Busby, appointed by District "E" Councilmember James Gray
  • Dr. Tamer Acikalin, appointed by District "C" Councilmember Nadine Ramsey
  • Dr. Eric Johnson, appointed by District "B" Councilmember LaToya Cantrell
  • Lisa Ballay, appointed by Council President Head

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