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November 03, 2016 

City Council Chamber

City Council Regular Meeting News Summary November 3, 2016

At today's City Council meeting, the Council heard a presentation from the Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans. In other news, the council considered amendments to sections of the code for for-hire vehicles, adopted the Flood Loss Outreach and Awareness Taskforce and a resolution to promote the elimination of hate, violence and discrimination and more.

Additionally, the Council has deferred its vote on the merger of Canal Street Development Corporation and New Orleans Building Corporation to the Nov. 17 City Council Meeting.

Consideration of Amendments to Sections of the Code for For-Hire Vehicles

The Council addressed many amendments to sections of the Code of the City of New Orleans regarding for-hire vehicles by request. After a vote by the council the following amendments have passed:

  • For-hire vehicle inspections required annually.
  • For-hire vehicles cannot be issued the title class of "salvage," "rebuilt," "junk," "total loss," "reconditioned," or any equivalent.
  • The revision of daily trip sheet standards for taxicab drivers.
  • The authorization of Director of Safety and Permits to approve advertising on taxicabs.

"I am glad that this Council is now taking the necessary steps to roll back some of the burdensome taxi regulations that have put our taxi drivers at a disadvantage," said District "C" Councilmember Nadine Ramsey. "With the advent of ride sharing, taxi drivers and companies shouldn't face unequal treatment. They have been great partners in our local economy and deserve our support."

The ordinance to allow taxicab operators to assess a dispatch fee by use of digital hailing or dispatch platform has been withdrawn.

A Resolution to End Hate, Violence and Discrimination

The Council passed a resolution that promotes the elimination of hate, violence and discrimination against any constituents or citizens.

"Recently, we have seen a rise in hate crimes and demonizing rhetoric," said District "B" Councilmember LaToya Cantrell. "This has directly negatively impacted Muslims, people who are perceived to be Muslim, immigrants and people of color. We as a city must stand up against this hate. This resolution sends a clear message that love trumps hate and that as a council, we will continuously promote civil and human rights."

The motion condemns hateful speech and violent actions towards Muslims, immigrants and people of color. Additionally, the Council rejects political tactics that capitalize on fear and is commits to the pursuit of a policy that affirms civil and human rights. Furthermore, the Council reaffirms the value of a pluralistic society composed of multiple cultures and the freedom to exist and practice their faith without fear.

Adoptions of the Flood Loss Outreach and Awareness Taskforce

The Council passed a resolution to adopt the Flood Loss Outreach and Awareness Taskforce Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana Area CRA Users Group 2016 Floodplain and Stormwater Management Plan for Public Information. This adoption will formally condone practices currently in place.

Approval of the Redevelopment of the former Lake Terrace Shopping Center

The Council voted to approve the redevelopment of the former Lake Terrace Shopping Center, located at 1532 Robert E. Lee Boulevard with the addition of a drive-through facility. The new development plans to include a bank, coffee shop and an Ochsner Medical office.

"We hope to revitalize what used to be a tremendous commercial hub with this improvement," said District "D" Councilmember Jared Brossett."Our citizens deserve access to resources within their neighborhood. This development will allow just that."

City Park Celebrates 120th Anniversary

The New Orleans City Council recognized the 120th anniversary of the New Orleans City Park Improvement Association. The council congratulated the board and management for their extraordinary achievements in developing and implementing the park's Master Plan. The board's list of accomplishments since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina includes the creation of Big Lake, the Festival Grounds, the City Park/Pepsi Tennis Complex, the Goldring/Woldenberg Great Lawn, the Enrique Alferez Sculpture Garden, Miniature Golf, and millions in investments in infrastructure, sports facilities, amusements and forest recovery.

"As someone who grew up enjoying City Park, I have noticed tremendous growth and improvement at the park," said District "A" Councilmember Susan Guidry. "The positive outcome of these improvements are not exclusive to the park. They have overflowed and positively impacted the quality of life for visitors and locals. In fact, City Park is now the largest regional park in the state and hosts over ten million visitors annually."

A Presentation from University of Holy Cross

Today, Dr. David "Buck" Landry, President of the University of Holy Cross gave a presentation on the accomplishments of the University and acknowledging their centennial celebration on Nov. 9. The Council recognized the University's accomplishments in the fields of education, teaching, counseling, and nursing.

The University was founded in 1916 as Our Lady of Holy Cross College, a Ministry of the Marianites of Holy Cross, and was created to educate and prepare teachers for work in the many schools the Marianites were opening across South Louisiana. The University has been a strong leader in education since its founding.

"We appreciate all of the hard work from the University, faculty and staff throughout the community," said District "C" Councilmember Nadine Ramsey. "There is no better investment than the investment in your people."

As epidemic spread through the New Orleans area, more children were left alone. In 1849 three of the Marianite sisters heard the call for help and hurried to St. Mary's Orphanage in New Orleans. Soon, it expanded into an industrial school for girls which we now know as the Academy of Holy Angels. It was from this humble beginning that in 1916 the State of Louisiana granted the Marianites the power to confer degrees and become a college - Our Lady of Holy Cross College.

There is a total population of 1,260 students who are enrolled in the University. For the students, smaller classrooms and a faith-based atmosphere hold an impact for the accomplishments of the student population.

A Presentation from the Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans

A presentation from the Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans, a nonprofit community health agency that provides substance abuse prevention, education and referral.

"The death rates due to drug abuse are increasing at an alarming rate," said Councilmember Cantrell. "Drug and alcohol addiction have numerous negative effects that destroy families and communities. These addictions are not just a drug issue but also a mental health issue. The efforts of this organization are so vital because they aim to address and resolve these issues."

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