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September 28, 2017 

City Council Chamber

City Council Regular Meeting News Summary September 28, 2017

NEW ORLEANS - Today, the New Orleans City Council passed an ordinance to expand the NOLA Business Alliance's role in economic development activities to include workforce development initiatives, heard a presentation and passed a motion relative to the upcoming 2nd Annual African American Male Wellness Walk, and passed an ordinance relative to the installation and maintenance of electric vehicle chargers. Additionally, the Council reauthorized the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) for an additional year, celebrated the Jugs Social Club, Inc. NOMTOC's 66th Anniversary, and honored Ms. Patricia H. Gay, who served as Executive Director of the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans for nearly 40 years.

Council Approves City Partnership with NOLA Business Alliance to Develop New Economic Development Business Model

At today's meeting, the Council passed an ordinance authorizing a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between the City of New Orleans and the NOLA Business Alliance (NOLABA) for the development and implementation of a new business model for economic development.

The NOLABA is the official economic development agency for the City of New Orleans. Now an accredited economic development organization (AEDO), NOLABA was formed in 2010 at the instruction of Mayor Landrieu in an effort to reposition New Orleans as the ideal intersection of commerce and culture. ProsperityNOLA, which was developed by the NOLABA, is the first, comprehensive development plan in New Orleans' recent history.

"I believe there's a real need to institutionalize our systems and successful programs to maintain our current momentum in economic development," said Councilmember-At-Large Jason Williams. "This legislation will further guarantee that need is met in New Orleans. As we move forward, I will be demanding data to share with the public to ensure progress remains on track and our intended goals are achieved."

"I've often spoken on behalf of all New Orleanians having access to economic opportunity," said District "D" Councilmember Jared Brossett. "I have similar concerns as my colleagues about this legislation, as this is a three-year commitment and we have a new administration and another Council coming in. After much discussion, I'm going to move to support this, but I will tell you, I hope to be back in this seat and I will watch NOLA Business Alliance closely, as I have done this term. NOLA Business Alliance has to do a better job with its investments in Algiers, in Gentilly, and many parts of New Orleans East, as well as with internal diversity."

This ordinance will enhance the NOLABA's ability to grow jobs and wealth in the City through private and public partnerships. For more on the New Orleans Business Alliance, click here.

2nd Annual New Orleans African American Male Wellness Walk Presents to the Council

The Council heard a presentation and passed a motion relative to the upcoming 2nd Annual African American Male Wellness Walk (AAMWW). Motion M-17-506 waves all permit fees relative to the walk, which will take place Saturday, Sept. 30, at Joe W. Brown Memorial Park in New Orleans East.

President/CEO of Metairie Bank Ron Samford attended the presentation as the first official bank sponsor of the AAMWW in conjunction with its original partner, the New Orleans East Hospital. The New Orleans 2017 AAMWW Honorary Chairman is 2nd District Congressman Rep. Cedric Richmond.

"If we're going to be a great place, we need to think of ourselves as a larger group, beyond the boundaries of our neighborhoods, districts, and even New Orleans," said District "E" Councilmember Gray. "I participate in this discussion about health as the head of the Economic Development Committee, and the truth is, sick people and dead people, do not contribute to our City's economic prosperity. The healthier we are, the longer we can provide for our families, our children and our grandchildren. I strongly encourage everyone to come out Saturday and join us for this great event."

For additional details on the 2nd Annual African American Male Wellness Walk, click here.

Council Reauthorizes Environmental Advisory Committee and Passes Electric Vehicle Charger Ordinance

The Council voted to reauthorize the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) for an additional year from January 30, 2018, through January 31, 2019. The EAC was created by Councilmember Ramsey and established by the Council in January 2017 to help support the Subcommittee of Public Works, Sanitation, and the Environment and to provide feedback and subject matter expertise to the Council with respect to all matters relating to the environment and sustainability.

On July 7, 2017, the Environmental Advisory Committee issued its final Electric Vehicle Report for the City. The report urges the City to take ten critical steps immediately to prepare for a surge of electric vehicle ownership in coming years. Among the major suggestions outlined in the report are the curbside EV charging initiative, EV Ready new construction guidelines, "charge to charge" rights for EV charger owners, public City Hall EV chargers, and educational outreach funding for residents and low-income communities.

Additionally, the Council passed an ordinance relative to the utilization of portions of right-of-way for the installation and maintenance of electric vehicle chargers. The ordinance establishes permit requirements, standards of use, enforcement, penalties and permit fees.

An Electric Vehicle, as defined in the ordinance, means any motor vehicle, licensed for operation on public streets in the Louisiana, which received locomotive power from a battery or other storage device.

These measures will further promote green policy, environmental stewardship and clean transportation throughout the City, ensuring long-term sustainability and resilience for generations to come.

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