Regular Meeting

October 04, 2018 

City Council Chamber

10 a.m., Council Chamber

At today's regular City Council meeting, the Council approved City Council/Cox Communications Louisiana's Community Grant Program funds, directed the City Planning Commission (CPC) to study the establishment of a new Algiers Riverfront Interim Zoning District, approved a zoning change for 1152 Magazine Street, and passed an ordinance relative to sanitation roll carts.


New Interim Zoning District Established in Algiers

The Council approved Motion M-18-438 to establish a new Interim Zoning District (IZD) named the Algiers Riverfront IZD. Authored by District "C" Councilmember Kristin Palmer, the motion imposes a six-month height limit of 40 feet or three stories for new developments, prohibits gas stations and requires developers of certain projects to apply for a conditional use permit. This measure allows the City to press pause on developments along the riverfront from the Crescent City Connection Bridge to Federal City while its residents and the City Planning Commission work together to create a comprehensive vision for the future of Algiers.
"I started working in Algiers Riverview 25 years ago as a volunteer with neighborhood president, Beryl Ragas, to identify houses of seniors and disabled folks who needed help," said Councilmember Palmer. "Through this process and over many years, I sat at hundreds of kitchen tables across Old Algiers and heard stories of disenfranchisement and exclusion.  Neighbors want economic development along the riverfront but they also want to ensure future projects fit with the character and culture of their community. The purpose of this temporary ban is to allow the neighborhoods to determine if the current design guidelines are reflective of what the community wants and recommend the appropriate changes if necessary."

Zoning Change Approved for 1152 Magazine Street

The Council approved a conditional use to permit an indoor amusement facility with standard restaurant, bar, and live entertainment at 1152 Magazine St. This change of use from a commercial hospitality laundry service to an interactive indoor amusement facility will improve walkability, increase visitors and spur economic development in a relatively underused area by helping connect the active part of the Central Business District to the active part of the Magazine Street commercial corridor. The CPC recommended approval in July 2018.
"We worked very diligently with both the applicants and neighbors to come up with a plan that would work for both," said District "B" Councilmember Jay H. Banks. "The result is a good and sound policy designed to allow the business to operate and be respectful to those impacted. This project will bring jobs and opportunities for citizens right here in New Orleans where they can put their talents on display while earning a living to support themselves and their families."
Photo of 1152 Magazine Street via Google Maps

Council Confirms Community Grant Program Recipients

The Council approved citywide grants through the City Council/Cox Communications Louisiana's Community Grant Program, subject to each organization's continued eligibility. In December 2011 Cox Communications Louisiana, LLC made a commitment to fund the City Council/Cox Communications Louisiana's Community Grant Program, which was officially established by the Council in March 2013. Through the program, Cox provides an annual contribution of $140,000 to local non-profit organizations focused on education, technology training, communications and similar programs that benefit New Orleans' youth.
To view the full list of City Council/Cox Communications Louisiana's Community Grant Program recipients by district, click here.

Council Approves Requirements for Waste Collection

The Council approved an ordinance to amend the City Code to define and provide specifications for sanitation roll carts and to clarify which times they may be placed on curbs for trash removal. Per the ordinance, all locations within the boundaries of the French Quarter or Downtown Development District (DDD) that receive curbside collection are to place all waste curbside prior to 4 a.m. for collection between the hours of 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. All carts must then be removed from the curb as quickly as possible, but no later than 9 a.m. after morning collection. For additional information, click here.

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