Criminal Justice Committee Meeting

December 19, 2018 1:00 PM

City Council Chamber

I. Roll Call 
II. Approval of minutes from the October 29, 2018 meeting 
III. Presentation from Homeland Security on Emergency Preparedness & Ordinance Calendar Number 32,508. To present: Collin Arnold, Director, Homeland Security; Laura Mellem, Public Engagement Manager, Homeland Security
IV. Presentation Ordinance Calendar Number 32,504 Re: Orleans Parish Communication District Merger. To present: Tyrell Morris, Executive Director, Orleans Parish Communication District
V. Presentation on Arnold Public Safety Assessment Tool. To present: Kenn Barnes Jr., Esq., Special Counsel to the Louisiana Supreme Court; De’Anna LaVigne-Lawson, Director of Pretrial Services at Orleans Criminal District Court; Rose Wilson, Data Analyst | Price of Justice at the Supreme Court of Louisiana
VI. Public Safety Dashboard Demonstration & End of Year Report. To present: Jeff Asher, City Council Public Safety Analyst
VII. Other Matters
VIII. Adjournment
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