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May 23, 2019 10:00 AM

City Council Chamber

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NEW ORLEANS - At today's regular meeting, the Council adopted a resolution supporting free access to public transit for youth, approved a new parking pass and permitting requirements to support local musicians, authorized a zoning change to permit a Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) development in Bywater, and passed ordinances to facilitate several stormwater management projects around the city.

Additionally, the Council received presentations from the New Orleans Alumnae Chapter of The Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., CEO of Crescent Care Noel Twilbeck, Jr., and local advocates acknowledging community action month.

Members of the Council with local Deltas (left) and Noel Twilbeck, Jr. of Crescent Care (right)

Plans for Affordable HANO Development in Bywater to Move Forward

The Council voted to support District "C" Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer's modified approval of Zoning Docket 31/19 for the proposed HANO mixed-income development at 4100 Royal Street. HANO requested to rezone the entire site to HM-MU for a five-story, 150 unit affordable housing development. HANO's developer, ITEX group, has since reduced the unit number to 136; however, the HM-MU zoning would allow for up to 184 units.

Councilmember Palmer proposed to modify the zoning, capping the units at 143, and also initiated a planned development for the site newly available under the City's inclusionary zoning laws. Through this process, HANO can continue its dialogue with the community to design a building appropriate for its residents and the neighborhood.

"By initiating a planned development for this project, this Council can craft appropriate provisos and continue to have oversight to ensure that we are building the proposed number of affordable units in a way that benefits both the new residents and neighborhood alike. Some provisos we're requesting the CPC to consider include building and site design, landscaping, stormwater management, and adding a covered bus stop. Additionally, the neighborhood has clearly stated to me that they have concerns regarding the impact of increased traffic and infrastructure, including streets and sewage. I expect that various City agencies overseeing these areas will provide analysis and help address neighbors' concerns. The final project plan will have to be clearly laid out for all stakeholders, voted on by the Council for final approval, and hopefully will make this project more viable and a better fit for the community," said Councilmember Palmer.

The proposed HANO development for 4100 Royal Street provided by Nicole Webre (via

Council Supports Free Access to Public Transit for Youth

The Council adopted a resolution supporting the creation of a municipal youth card providing free access to public transit for those between the ages of 13 and 18. The number of New Orleans households without a car is twice that of the national average, and many New Orleans students are currently not provided with free and adequate transportation to reach schools, recreational activities, and public libraries without being financially burdened. The lack of such transportation has been proven to have a detrimental impact on students' education and overall well-being. Job opportunities for youth in New Orleans are not equally distributed, nor do they align with where most currently reside.   

Resolution R-19-57 supports the creation of a municipal card to remedy this issue, and provide teenaged residents with free and equitable access to job hubs, schools, recreational opportunities, public libraries, community centers, and more that are critical to their physical, mental and emotional development. Alongside the Regional Transit Authority (RTA), the Administration is currently researching the municipal youth card and its potential implementation. The Council hopes that the adoption of this resolution will support their efforts in making this initiative a reality for New Orleans youth.

Approval of "Musician's Pass" Ordinances to Ease Permitting Requirements for Local Artists

The Council passed two ordinances relative to permitting requirements for the unloading of musical equipment for scheduled performances in New Orleans. Ordinance 32, 562 amends the City Code to permit vehicles loading or unloading musical equipment for scheduled performances to utilize loading zones for up to fifteen minutes. Such vehicles must display a musician loading/unloading pass, which will be issued to businesses with live music on site.

 Ordinance 32,669 allows vehicles bearing a musician loading/unloading permit to park in metered spaces for up to fifteen minutes without payment in a metered space.

These efforts are intended to serve as a small benefit to musicians who are not always well compensated. Councilmember Palmer stated that she plans to revisit this policy in the coming months to see how the Council can build on it. In the interim, she encourages businesses and musicians who utilize the program to provide the District "C" office with feedback on its effectiveness.

Council Approves Measures to Facilitate Stormwater Management Projects

The Council approved two ordinances affirming its commitment to the completion of several stormwater management projects around the city. The strategies employed through these green infrastructure projects will reduce the burden on New Orleans' strained drainage system, minimize land subsidence and improve water quality, all while beautifying the surrounding neighborhoods.

Ordinance 32,648 authorizes the Mayor to enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) with the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) and Sewerage and Water Board (S&WB) for the implementation of the Stormwater Mitigation Project for Pontilly. The combined improvements to the Dwyer Canal, including a network of interventions along streets, in alleyways, and within vacant lots, were designed to slow and store stormwater. The project will significantly reduce flood risk and beautify green spaces in the Pontchartrain Park and Gentilly Woods neighborhoods. For more information, click here.

Photos of the Pontilly Neighborhood Stormwater Network Project via

Ordinance 32,649 authorizes the Mayor to enter into a CEA with NORA to allow for the continuation of the joint Oak Park Stormwater Management and Flood Mitigation Project. These efforts will transform a cluster of five vacant parcels on Perlita Street, as well as a portion of the adjacent public right-of-way on Perlita Street, into a stormwater management area that reduces the risk of flooding for the surrounding neighborhood. For more information, click here.

Photos of the Oak Park Stormwater Management and Flood Mitigation Project via


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