Criminal Justice Committee Meeting

June 26, 2019 1:00 PM

City Council Chamber

I. Roll Call 

II. Approval of minutes from the April 30, 2019 Criminal Justice Committee meeting 

III. Youthful offender data presentation. To present: Jeff Asher, City Council Public Safety Analyst

IV. Examining strategies for serving the Opportunity Youth Population. To present: Judge Calvin Johnson (ret.)

V. Center for Restorative Approaches (C.R.A.). To present: Troi Bechet

VI. Youth Advocacy Program (Y.A.P.). To present: Talvin Paul

VII. Summer Jobs Program.  To present: Emily Wolff

VIII. Youth Study Center expansion update and proposed name change. To present: Dr. Kyshun Webster and Emily Wolff

IX. Public Safety Analyst contract extension

X. Adjournment

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