Regular Meeting

December 19, 2019 10:00 AM

City Council Chamber

NEW ORLEANS - At today's regular meeting, the Council approved an ordinance regarding the establishment of a Public Market in Duncan Plaza in the Central Business District, authorized the revocation of public dedication of street right-of-way in the First Municipal District, passed the Downtown Development District's (DDD) 2020 Plan to provide additional capital and services for the downtown area, approved Harrah's Community Support Grants Program recipients, and established polling place relocations. The meeting was truncated due to the recent cybersecurity incident targeting New Orleans city government.

Council members, staff and Santa (a.k.a. District "B" Councilmember Jay H. Banks) getting into the holiday spirit during today's regular Council meeting

Council OKs Recommendations for New Public Market in Duncan Plaza 

The Council adopted Ordinance 32,816, which amends the City's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) to provide recommendations for the establishment of a Public Market located in Duncan Plaza. Specifically, the ordinance provides the following desired CZO text and map amendments:

  • The establishment of a new open space zoning district to include the Public Market as a conditional use; and
  • The addition of Public Market as a conditional use in certain open space zoning districts, while also considering an overlay to specify those districts within the CBD.
Photo of Duncan Plaza park across from City Hall courtesy of

Revocation of Public Dedication of Right-of-Way 

The Council authorized the Mayor to enter into an Act of Revocation of Public Dedication of Street Right-of-Way between (1) Tchoupitoulas and the flood wall and (2) South Peters between Orange and Race Streets. Ordinance 32,868 transfers any right and/or ownership the City may have for the portions of ground known as the "Race Street Right-of-Way," citing they are no longer needed for public purposes.

Council Approves DDD's 2020 Plan for Downtown 

The Council approved the 2020 Plan of the DDD to provide additional funding, special services, facilities and improvements for the Downtown area. In accordance with the Louisiana Revised Statutes, the DDD is required to submit a plan to the City Planning Commission (CPC) specifying any proposed public improvements, facilities and services, in alignment with the City's Master Plan. 

The CPC then had thirty days to submit its final written opinion to the Council, in which they found that no portion of the proposal was inconsistent with the comprehensive plan for the City, and thereby recommended approval. 

Harrah's Community Support Grants Confirmed

The Council approved a total of $16,067 in City Council/Harrah's Community Support Grant Program funds to be allocated amongst the following District "D" organizations:

  • DiversiTea Divas
  • Johnny Jackson Jr. Foundation
  • New Orleans Council for Community and Justice
  • New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation, Inc.
  • Scott Elio Jackson Foundation, Inc.
  • The Daniel Moses Barker Foundation 

The program was established in March 2006 to provide financial support to local organizations and projects that contribute substantially to the well-being, development, and growth of the New Orleans community. Harrah's grant funds are available to the Council semi-annually, in the late spring (June) and in the fall (November). Any requests for grant consideration should be submitted to individual Council offices.

Council Establishes Polling Place Relocations

The Council passed Motion M-19-529 which identifies polling place relocations for those that are unavailable for use. The new locations will go into effect before the next Presidential Preference Primary/Municipal Primary Elections on April 4, 2020. To view the full list of approved polling relocations, click here.

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