Economic Development & Special Development Projects

January 25, 2022 10:00 AM

City Council Chamber

1.  Roll Call

2.  Approval of the minutes from the November 30, 2021 meeting.

3.  Presentation from Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.) on 2022 Initiatives and Special Projects:

Presenter:  Michael Hecht, President & CEO of GNO, Inc:

a).  GNO Inc.'s Area Start-Up Portal -

b).  Top GNO Inc. Initiatives for 2022

c).  GNOwind Alliance Action Plan 

4.  Presentation from New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA) on the Resilient Corridors Initiative:

Presenter: Greg Lawson, Senior Vice President, Strategic Neighborhood Development with NOLABA

5.  Adjournment

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