Criminal Justice Committee Meeting

January 26, 2022 10:00 AM Virtual

1. Roll Call

2. Approval of the minutes from the October 25, 2021 meeting

3. Presenter State Representative Jason Hughes: Discussion about State RICO Statue Expansion to Address Violent Crime

4. Discussion on Parental Restitution for Juvenile Property Crimes Bill

5. New Orleans Recreation Development Commission. Presenter Chief Executive Officer, Larry Barabino, Jr.: A discussion on a high-level overview of NORD’s 2022 summer programmatic plan

6. Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights. Presenter Rachel Gassert: An effective response to Juvenile Crime in New Orleans

7. Young Professionals Entrepreneur Boys & Girls Club. Presenter Roosevelt Muhammad: A discussion about how meditation works within youths and disagreements

8. Orleans Public Defenders Office. Presenter Chief Defender Derwyn Bunton: Discussion on unique perspective and insight into the criminal legal system and the practices of its actors as we continue to have conversations around crime

9. Assured Supervision Accountability Program (ASAP Release). Presenters: Jill Dennis and Matt Dennis: How to not only fix the past issues that the city of New Orleans faced with GPS but also make ASAP Release as the GPS Program, who is both accountable and responsible to not only the courts, but also to the City of New Orleans and the citizens of the city of New Orleans

10. Adjournment

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