Joint Criminal Justice - Community Development Committee

May 10, 2022 10:00 AM

City Council Chamber

1. Roll Call

2. Discussion with Eric Hessler, Counsel for the Police Association of New Orleans, on retention and morale for NOPD Officers.

a. Ordinance Cal. No. 33,713, an ordinance to require the Department of City Civil Service to evaluate and provide recommendations to the Civil Service Commission and City Council relative to amending the Classified Pay Plan to implement a two (2) percent increase in salary for commissioned police employees with between three (3) years and twenty-three (23) years of continuous service with NOPD.

b. Ordinance Cal. No. 33,719, an ordinance to ordain Section 90-42 of the Code of the City of New Orleans to establish staffing requirements for NOPD Public Integrity Bureau.

3. Ordinance Cal. No. 33,718, an ordinance to amend and reordain Section 54-503 of the Code of the City of New Orleans to prohibit vehicular stunt activities, to amend and reordain Section 54-504 of the Code of the City of New Orleans to include vehicular stunts shows within the class of illegal motor vehicle speed contests at which spectators are prohibited, and otherwise to provide with respect thereto.

4. Ordinance Cal. No. 33,722, an ordinance to restrict budget appropriations and require City Council review prior to expenditure of funds until the conclusion of the Council’s Investigation of the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center.

5. Discussion about final recommended plan to address violent crime. Presenter Pres Karacoff, Peter Scharf & Michael Williamson

6. Adjournment

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