City Council Proposed Budget Hearings - Day 1

November 01, 2022 9:30 AM

City Council Chamber




In accordance with Section 3-115 of the Home Rule Charter of the City of New Orleans, the New Orleans City Council will hold hearings on the Mayor’s proposed 2023 budget beginning Tuesday, November 1, 2022 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  in the City Council Chamber.  All hearing days begin at 9:30 a.m. The Council will make every effort to conduct hearings efficiently, holding to strict time limitations for presentations and speaker comment. Revisions to this schedule, which are subject to occur, will be disseminated as early and widely as possible. It will be maintained and updated on our website, at

Hearing dates for individual departments, agencies and offices are:

DAY 1: Tuesday, November 1st

  1. Orleans Parish Criminal District Court
  2. New Orleans Police Department & Consent Decree Compliance
  3. Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office
  4. Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office
  5. Orleans Parish Public Defender’s Office

DAY 2: Wednesday, November 2nd

  1. Juvenile Justice Intervention Center
  2. NORD + Parks Millage
  3. Office of Independent Police Monitor
  4. New Orleans Coroner’s Office
  5. Municipal & Traffic Court

DAY 3: Friday, November 4th

  1. MISC – Office of Police Secondary Employment
  2. New Orleans Fire Department
  3. Health EMS
  4. New Orleans Health Department
  5. New Orleans Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness

DAY 4: Wednesday, November 9th

  1. Department of Public Works
  2. Office of Sanitation
  3. CAO – Office of Capital Projects Administration
  4. Capital Budget
  5. Five Year Capital Plan

DAY 5: Thursday, November 10th (Updated 10-31-22)

  1. Office of Business & External Services
    1. Office of Code Enforcement
    2. Department of Safety & Permits
    3. City Planning Commission
    4. Historic District Landmarks Commission
    5. Vieux Carre Commission
    6. Office of Performance and Accountability
    7. Office of Economic Development
      1. Workforce Development
    8. Cultural Economy
  2. Office of Community Development
  3. New Orleans Redevelopment Authority

DAY 6: Friday, November 11th

  1. Tax Levy Ordinance – Proposed Millage Rates
  2. Board of City Trusts
  3. Department of Finance
    1. Supplier Diversity
  4. Chief Administrative Office
    1. Budget Office
    2. Office of Information Technology & Innovation
    3. Office of Service and Innovation
    4. Office of Employee & Labor Relations
  5. New Orleans Public Library
  6. Orleans Parish School Board & Agenda for Children– Millage

DAY 7: Monday, November 14th (Updated 10-31-22)

  1.  Department of Parks and Parkways
  2. Mayor’s Office
    1. Office of Youth & Families
    2. Office of Criminal Justice Coordination
    3. Office of Neighborhood Engagement
    4. CORE
    5. IGR
  3. French Market Corporation
  4. Office of Resilience & Sustainability
    1. Mayor’s Office of Utilities
    2. Office of Transportation
  5. Department of Property Management
    1. Real Estate Records

DAY 8: Tuesday, November 15th

  1. Office of Inspector General
  2. Law Department
  3. Ethics Review Board
  4. Civil Service Department
  5. New Orleans Business Alliance
  6. Algiers Development District
  7. New Orleans Aviation Board
  8. Regional Transit Authority
  9. Downtown Development District
  10. New Orleans Museum of Art

DAY 9: Wednesday, November 16th

  1. Orleans Parish Juvenile Court
  2. Municipal Yacht Harbor
  3. New Orleans Building Corporation
  4. Orleans Parish Communications District
  5. Municipal Participation in Civic Affairs
    1. Total Community Action
    2. New Orleans Council on Aging
    3. Louisiana SPCA
    4. Arts Council of New Orleans
    5. New Orleans Tourism and Culture Fund

DAY 10: Friday, November 18th

As needed

DAY 11: Monday, November 21st

As needed

DAY 12: Tuesday, November 22nd

As needed

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