Economic Development & Special Development Projects

August 29, 2023 10:00 AM

City Council Chamber

1. Roll Call

2. Presentation and comments regarding HB 224/Act 230 with respect to expanding equitable business opportunity programs and procurement set asides:  

a. Summary of HB 224/Act 230 – Ernest M. Stalberte

b. Comments and Video Presentation – Representative Delisha Boyd, District 102

c. Comments from U.S. Congressman Troy Carter

d. Comments from The Collaborative member, Steven Kennedy

3. Payments to New Orleans Youth Workers:

a. Discussion of City Council Motion M-23-384 -- Motion directing the Office of Workforce Development to distribute payments due to youth employed by the City of New Orleans.

b. Discussion of City Council Motion M-23-XX -- Motion directing the City to Remit payment and any other liabilities to unpaid youth.

4. Discussion of R-23-XX -- Resolution urging the Louisiana Legislative Auditor to perform a detailed audit of the City's accounts payable and vendor payments in general.

5. Adjourn

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