April 3, 2020

Jason Rogers Williams

Local Billboard Companies Volunteer Messaging During COVID-19 Crisis

Local Billboard Companies Volunteer Messaging During COVID-19 Crisis


NEW ORLEANS - Council Vice President Jason Williams announced today that two billboard companies operating in New Orleans have stepped up to provide messaging on behalf of the City Council during the Coronavirus crisis. Pelican Outdoor Advertising and Lamar Advertising of New Orleans will both feature messaging pertaining to the containment of the Coronavirus threat and the importance of the census to New Orleans' long-term recovery from this debilitating pandemic. 

The virus has ravaged New Orleans since the first Louisiana case was positively identified less than two weeks after Fat Tuesday. 2020 Census counts are all the more important now, as they will guide the allocation of billions of dollars in public funds to communities by federal, state, and local governments over the next decade.

"This pandemic is like nothing we've ever seen, and there is no way to predict how long the world and specifically New Orleans will be reeling from its impact," said Councilmember Williams. "Mr. John Jackson, President of Pelican, and Mr. Bob Lanaux, Vice President of Lamar New Orleans, have joined this battle and stepped up to help as New Orleans wages its war against COVID-19. These companies understand that overcoming this crisis will absolutely require a group lift, and I'm incredibly grateful that they're doing their part to help protect the safety and welfare of New Orleanians."

Billboard campaign mock-ups
Lamar and a third company, Outfront Media, are also working in coordination with NOLA Ready to provide emergency messaging as needed.
Media Contact:
Keith D. Lampkin
Jason Roger Williams, Council-At-Large
(504) 758-8913

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