April 5, 2023

Helena Moreno

Councilmember Moreno Partners with Sen. Carter and Rep. Hughes to Create More Affordable Housing and Improved Living Conditions for Renters

Councilmember Moreno Partners with Sen. Carter and Rep. Hughes to Create More Affordable Housing and Improved Living Conditions for Renters

NEW ORLEANS - Council Vice President Helena Moreno unveiled the first part of her state legislative agenda, which focused on increasing affordable housing units and keeping tenants secure from unsafe conditions.


The first bill SB97, sponsored by State Senator Gary Carter (D-New Orleans), provides municipalities the opportunity to grant tax exemptions for affordable housing developments. This new authority would provide desired incentives to create more units. The second bill, HB46, a constitutional pre-filed by Representative Jason Hughes (D-New Orleans), would go after slumlords operating through non-profits. Currently, nonprofits that own housing units are exempt from property taxes; this legislation would eliminate exemptions for those with egregious and persistent code violations.


“Building more affordable units in New Orleans is essential to addressing many of our most persistent ills, from poverty to public safety to education,” said Council Vice President Moreno. “We need to build far more affordable units and bring every strategy forward to do so with urgency.”


“But building new units isn’t enough," Moreno continued. "We need to ensure our residents across the City can live in safe and healthy homes. I’ve worked tirelessly on this issue, specifically in relation to places like The Willows in New Orleans East, to hold absentee landlords accountable for maintaining safe places to live. However, some of these landlords – especially those who hold their properties under the auspices of nonprofit entities – can avoid accountability due to legal loopholes. We need to close those loopholes and keep people safe, no matter what. I am so grateful for Sen. Carter and Sen. Hughes for being such strong partners and always putting the people of New Orleans first.”


"SB 97 seeks to empower local governments to promote and attract affordable workforce housing throughout Louisiana. As this important legislation makes its way through the process, I want to thank Council member Helena Moreno and other stakeholders for addressing this urgent need," said State Senator Gary Carter.


"Holding property owners accountable will improve access to affordable housing and keep our residents safe. I’m proud to partner with Councilmember Moreno to ask the legislature to put this essential accountability measure to a vote of the people as a constitutional amendment," said State Representative Jason Hughes.


Both pieces of legislation, pre-filed for the legislative session that begins on April 10, are two of several items Moreno asked legislators to carry for her in 2023. To read more about the legislation or the session, go to





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