August 23, 2021

City Council

Council Issues RFP for Experienced Consultant to Assist with Voting District Reapportionment

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NEW ORLEANS - The New Orleans City Council is requesting proposals from qualified firms with experience in redistricting activities to aid with the redesign of its voting districts based on official 2020 Census data.


Applicants should have demonstrated knowledge of geographic information systems, census data tabulation, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and technical procedures related to the design/redesign of voting districts. Additionally, proposers must be willing and able to conduct at least two community meetings in each district to explain the process of redistricting and how it can affect local residents.


Final proposals must be received by the Council Chief of Staff by 4 PM on Friday, August 27. Interested parties with any questions or requiring additional information not included in the Request for Proposals (RFP) may contact Chief of Staff Paul Harang via email at no less than three working days before the deadline.


Please note that no other written or oral communications from potential applicants regarding this proposal should be made to any Councilmember or other City employee during this request for qualifications process.


Click here to view the full RFP response guidelines and corresponding consulting services questionnaire.




Media Contact:

Paul Harang

Chief of Staff

(504) 250-6837 

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