August 19, 2021

Helena Moreno

Council President Requests Budget Include $15 Living Wage for Public Employees

Council President Requests Budget Include $15 Living Wage for Public Employees

NEW ORLEANS - Council President Helena Moreno hosted City of New Orleans Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Gilbert Montaño during today's regular meeting to present a final plan to raise the living wage for City workers to at least $15/hr. The presentation was prompted by Moreno's motion M-21-238, which required a pay analysis of increasing the living wage to $15 within 45 days. CAO Montaño's presentation confirmed that all City workers would receive at least $15, that the Administration was working closely with Civil Service to make the necessary pay plan adjustments, and CAO Montano confirmed to Moreno that the 2022 budget would contain funding for a $15 living wage for all city employees.


"This is a momentous change in the way we compensate our public employees and reflects the hard work of advocates like Step Up Louisiana, the Firefighters, and the City Workers Union to push this issue across the finish line," said Council President Moreno. "City employees deserve this pay to help pay for essentials for themselves and their families. But, this increase does more. It won't just lift up the families of our City employees; it also helps with retention, recruitment, and morale. We expect this change to help enable better city services as well, as employees feel more respect for their sacrifice." 


With this agreement among the Council and the Mayor's Administration, Civil service rules can now be adopted, and the budget process can proceed with these changes embedded in the work product.  


View today's CAO presentation here.





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Andrew Tuozzolo

Chief of Staff, Office of Helena Moreno


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