March 13, 2020

City Council

Council President Announces Suspension of Public Meeting Schedule, Closure of Council Chambers Through March

Seal of the City of New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS - In response to the ongoing public health challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, New Orleans Council President Helena Moreno announced the suspension of all public Council meetings through at least the end of March, including the Council's regular meeting next week on March 19th. President Moreno also closed City Council chambers for the same period and advised all boards and commissions to suspend their in-chamber meetings during the month of March.


"The health of our people is paramount. Public health experts agree that the most effective response to a pandemic like COVID-19 is social distancing and isolation, preventing the mass gathering of people, and keeping those afflicted from spreading the disease further," said President Moreno. "In partnership with the Governor and Mayor Cantrell, I am confident that our state and city's response will be robust and focused on keeping people healthy and preventing vulnerable populations from unnecessary exposure."


More information can be found at and at During the Chamber closure, Council offices will remain open to serve constituents preferably via phone and email. 

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