March 22, 2021

Cyndi Nguyen

Councilwoman Nguyen Releases Additional Information on Six Flags RFQ Responses

Councilwoman Nguyen Releases Additional Information on Six Flags RFQ Responses

NEW ORLEANS - During the Selection Review Committee meeting for the Six Flags, RFQ held on Tuesday, March 16, broad overviews of the respondents' submittals were provided and discussed orally during the meeting, but the full scope of each proposal was not fully outlined or discussed in depth. 


More details on the shortlist submitted proposals are given below for additional transparency and information surrounding the RFQ selection process. Residents should be reminded that due to the nature of this RFQ and resulting shortlist, the proposals submitted during the first round of the RFQ may not be the final proposals submitted by each respondent, and are subject to change as the second stage of the RFQ process progresses. 


Proposals below are listed in order of their score during the first round of the RFQ selection process. Please note that due to the different formatting of each proposal, there will not be identical sections or formats used for all. None of the text below has been changed from the submitted proposals. 


Information on the next steps in the RFQ process will be released shortly. Any questions can be directed to Victoria Lewandrowski at

Please note that due to the ongoing RFQ process, some questions may not have answers at this time. 

Response 1: Keirnan-West, LLC and S.H.I.E.L.D. 1


Project Title: Agriculture for Sustainable Development: Agriculture Innovation Hub and Discovery Lab


Project Duration: Start-up “launch” – 18 months – perpetual


Vision: Construct multiple facilities, including an Agriculture Innovation Center. Discovery Lab, Food Cultural Center, Interactive Outdoor spaces, Kitchens and Educational spaces


Mission: Create sustainable food security, provide STEAM education curriculum, utilize renewable energy opportunities, job creation, create a myriad of economic development opportunities, promote tele-health and holistic health solutions, increase public safety, and be a catalyst for social and economic development in New Orleans East.


Details: This development project will build a 40,000 square foot Innovative Agriculture (Hub and Spoke with co-ops replicable model) and a 20,000 square foot Discovery Lab for students and family to engage, learn and participate in a “state of the art” facility stimulating New Orleans Pride. The innovation, integrated technology, and agriculture theme park area is the heart of this impact investment recognizing this will attract tourism worldwide. A total of 140 youths can be mobilized to be gainfully engaged in the project year-round (community/service-learning hours, apprenticeship, and interns). These youths are mostly disenfranchised or disadvantaged from the community and surrounding area. International youth will be invited during the summer for “study abroad programs” to share their skills and talents with our future workforce onsite. These youths will be divided into four groups of thirty-five persons and shall be engaged in the following agricultural activities:


Building 1 – Agriculture Innovation Hub – A state-of-the-art facility for Urban Farming and Aquaponics creating an innovative ecosystem by integrating artificial intelligence, robotics, and emerging technologies for “SMART FARMING." This "Hub and Spoke" via co-ops is an agriculture model that will serve as an economic engine to accelerate economic growth and self-sustaining communities. This innovative hub and spoke model would be replicated to serve global communities with advanced R & D, evidence-based technologies, telehealth, Veggie Rx “food as medicine," and global education closing the digital divide. The facility will offer water testing for the local citizens and public works. The vertical farming aspects increase yield while minimizing water usage. S.H.I.E.L.D1’ GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE is the driver for the creation of wasteless ecosystem known as “Aquaculture." Aquaculture” is ZERO waste, an organic recycling to make compost (fish and plant create a symbiotic relationship-fish fertilizer and plants - filter). This designed ecosystem results in cost savings and revenue. The Harvest Center is for processing, logistics, robotics, automation, and self-driving vehicles in a food sorting warehouse (i.e., Amazon, FedEx, and U.P.S.). Incorporates blockchain for tracking food freshness/food waste reduction. Labs with large windows for viewing will be throughout the facility to create a learning environment for students, visitors, and researchers. Emerging technologies, biometric & drone technology, will be integrated for research and security.


Building 2 – Discovery Lab - The Discovery Lab will be a state-of-the-art interactive center for learning and continuing education, with interests’ in areas and a focus on S.T.E.A.M. programs for the student. The lab will provide STEAM learners with hands-on experiential learning of emerging technologies. The lab will integrate augmented-reality farming simulation experiences using electronic devices. The lab will introduce augmented farming, aquaponics in the learning environment. Children will be given a Discovery Kit to take home with them and access our customized student lab website.


Building 3 – Holistic and Natural Healing Center – a space to foster and understand the natural and holistic nature of food as medicine. Veggie Rx is a way of using farming and agriculture to change dietary habits to meaningfully improve health outcomes, especially in communities plagued with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions resulting from a lack of healthy produce options (food deserts).


Building 4 - Food Cultural Center with lecture hall for culinary arts education and a focus on culinary tourism. Create a World Organic Cafe (Restaurant) where we serve the food from our property (farm to fork) and build a culinary curriculum for young men and women to understand all elements of owning and operating a restaurant.

Geodesic Dome - Atrium/Botanic garden

Unique design and architecture connecting nature with this space.

Innovation areas inspired by World’s Fair.

A great focus on “Innovations in urban agriculture."

Sensory experience: Special Needs (children and adults-Autistic /Sensory impaired)


Programs/Development for Consideration in Future Phases:

- Ghost Kitchen – create a ghost kitchen in conjunction with the World Organic Café that can deliver meals to individuals/organizations in need, elderly living on their own, and others in need. Also, as a program building opportunity for our students.

- Food Truck Park – creating a family-friendly gathering space inclusive of a playground, small amphitheater to host concerts and community events. Food Truck provides creatively prepared meals sourced from the farm. In addition, we support and foster the expansion of the food truck model as an entrepreneurial opportunity for people to start their own restaurant business.

-16-acre lake – build experiences around the use of the 16-acre lake that exists on the property.

-Renewable energy – we will strive to incorporate solar and other renewable energy sources wherever feasible in conjunction with all federal and local incentives to build out the sustainability of our model.


Response 2: Situs Development Collective


Vision: The Situs Development Collective (SDC) development team is excited about the opportunity to re-imagine the Six Flags/Jazzland site in a collaborative, open, and creative partnership with the City of New Orleans to bring back that energy and become a catalyst to attract priority businesses and investment. SDC is driven by the quest to successfully redevelop this site through proven cutting-edge sustainable design and development that fosters our cultural heritage, as well as restores the wet environment and provides opportunities for the residents of the East and New Orleans at large.


Project Duration: We expect that the first phase may take 4 years from start to completion and about 3 years for the second phase. Since the design and documentation takes about a year and a half from the beginning until construction start, the first phase will take slightly longer. During the first phase, however the second phase design and documents will be refined and completed, essentially saving time prior to the second phase start of construction.


Phase One (162-Acre Parcel):

The first phase will consist of producing the final concept with City approvals for the design and construction of the Water Park, the RV Park, the major Big Box Retail, the Hotel, the Skate Park, Athletic Fields, the Amphitheater, the Performing Arts Building, the Adventure Pavilion, the Automated Parking Structures, the cabins on the lake, and the Retail/Housing adjacent to the water taxi peninsula. The first phase will include the construction of all waterways and water retention features for the entire 162-acre site. During the first year, the demolition documents and demolition of all of the existing structures and features on the site will be completed to clear the site for the newly planned uses. The first year and a half will also be devoted to studies needed for final financing of both soft and hard costs to design and build the buildings that make up the list of uses needed in this phase. Final planning and design will be completed during this first year and a half as well. Construction will be timed so that uses come online at approximately the same time within the following 2.5 years order for each use to take full advantage of the areas completed, the first phase will need to look complete even though the second phase of uses will make the entire development more sustaining. The first phase for this site is estimated to cost approximately $950 million.


Phase One (65-Acre Parcel):

During this same time frame, there will be a first phase for the design and construction of the 65-acre site. The design team will prepare final site plans and design for the smaller site. The designs for the 65-acre site will be completed within a year to a year and a half of the commencement of work by our team. All design and construction will be complete within the first phase of our project including all the buildings and program items listed in our Development Program of uses. The estimated cost of these program uses will be approximately $250 million.


Phase Two (162-Acre Parcel):

This phase of work will include the final design and construction of most residential and retail uses listed in our development program. There will be a variety of residential types from townhouses to single family to multi-family in the twin-towers to multi-family units above the retail at the northern part of the site. A passive board walk will be made part of phase two along several parking structures for the retail and residential uses. The estimated cost for this portion of our project is $650 million.



The first phase is expected to be occupied by the uses shown and described in the concept diagram prior to the second phase starting construction. In addition to the individual uses being designed and built, all of the water retention and recreation type features will be constructed as well along with the infrastructure of the development. Combining the 85-acre first phase area (of the 162-acre site) with the 65 acres (Parcel 1) that would not be contiguous can be completed under a single construction contract or multiple construction contracts and coordinated by our project management team. The second phase of our development may be completed with the same construction contractors or different ones, depending on the cooperation and workload of the contractors being considered to perform the first phase of work. Considering all phases and all soft and hard project costs, the total development is estimated to cost $1.85 billion.



The Opportunities for the 162-acre Parcel:

• Townhouse Buildings

• Single Family Housing

• Residential Tower + Sky-bridge

• Retail

• Residential Above Retail

• Sporting Goods Retailer

• Landmark Retail

• Cabins

• Hotel

• RV Park

• Grocery Store (within Retail)

• Day Care Facility (within Retail)

• Active Recreation Areas

• Passive Recreation Areas

• Water Park

• Education and Adventure Pavilion

• Parking Structures

• Performing Arts

• Skate Park

• Educational Facilities

• Other Infrastructure Improvements

• Roads and Bridges

• Central Island

• Amphitheater

• Water Retention with clean edges

• Satellite Police Station (within Retail)


The Opportunities for the 65-acre Parcel:

• A Police Station that will serve the New Orleans East area

• A Fire Station to serve Six Flags/Jazzland and surrounding areas

• Coatings & Paints Warehousing and Sales Facility (+Future Manufacturing Facility)

• Unique Film Studio and Possible Animation Studio • All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Park

• Wave Pool

• BMX Bike Park

• Zip-Lining Station and Overhead Line


Note: All of the above and the uses for the 162 acres will be connected by an at surface transportation system within the development and from the development to the New Orleans CBD.


Response 3: TKTMJ, LLC and Henry Consulting


Project Title: Bayou Phoenix

Vision: This project, due to the size and scope, provides not only a chance to utilize the land owned by the City which housed Jazzland / Six Flags, but an opportunity to newly brand this area. Our plan includes a branding campaign to rename the entire area as Bayou Phoenix. This will allow the area to shake the stigma associated with the former Jazzland/Six Flags name that has become a constant reminder of Hurricane Katrina and failure. The newly named Bayou Phoenix area will enhance the image of New Orleans even further as the premier destination city in America and will be a must visit by the locals. The Bayou Phoenix team commits to working closely with all community based organizations, residents, businesses, the City of New Orleans and other stakeholders to leverage all applicable technologies, tools and resources to implement comprehensive economic development consistent with the vision of the City of New Orleans, Redevelopment and/or Neighborhood Plans. We believe that the redevelopment of the site will be the needed catalyst and lead to growth for the entire Bayou Phoenix area. The best method for success in any business venture is to have a specific intent, a clear vision, a purposeful plan of action and an ability to execute the plan, all while maintaining clarity of the process from start to finish. The Bayou Phoenix team is proud to present a proposal that will provide the best return on its investment and future use of its property for New Orleanians. Our goal is to provide a transformative, long-term redevelopment that capitalizes on the property’s best and, just as important, sustainable use. Our vision includes the following:


1. An educational amusement water park concept that would combine the natural area in which the project site sits combined with the construction of a new facility with hotel. Due to the location we would be able to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. This facility would allow visitors to learn about our unique culture and the challenges we face every day with coastal erosion in an educational and fun environment.

2. A 1st class warehouse, transportation and logistics hub to take advantage of an ever changing world where more people are buying products online. Over 69% of Americans have shopped online and by 2023 that number is expected to grow to 91%.

3. Development of a destination style travel center that will provide a must stop for anyone travelling into and out of New Orleans.



Amusement/Water Park

Our vision includes a one of a kind amusement/water park concept that will be one of the region’s largest tourist attractions. The complex will include activities for all ages including rides, arcades, adventures, bowling, golfing, and interactive electronic gaming. The complex will be catered to families and allow them to spend quality family time and make memories that will last a lifetime. The lessons learned from the previous uses taught us that the site is considered by many visitors to the City to be “too far” from the traditional New Orleans’ attractions located downtown and around the French Quarter. While we believe the widescale availability of ride sharing has changed the view of tourists regarding what can be reached, the biggest change in this proposal is the inclusion of an onsite hotel, completely eliminating that issue and cementing Bayou Phoenix as a destination in and of itself. The amusement park would be authentically New Orleans taking the best New Orleans has to offer and presenting it to our visitors. This would include the following:

 • A 200+ room New Orleans themed hotel

• Cabins located along the lake

• Art and music program featuring local artists throughout Bayou Phoenix

• Education program about conservation and land loss by Bayou Sauvage

• Potential partnership with local entities for other educational opportunities

• Ropes/Climbing course

• Shooting/Archery range

• Airboat and canoe Adventures

Due to the central location and having a population of over 3,000,000 people within 3 hours of driving distance, capitalizing on this aspect makes a Family entertainment complex a natural fit.


Logistics/Warehouse Hub

The news that potentially the port of New Orleans will be moving to a location in Violet, Louisiana closer to the mouth of the river makes this site a perfect location for a transportation and logistics hub. This center will serve as a necessary point for order fulfillment, storage, sortation, consolidation or break imported shipments, and delivery. According to the study from Perkins + Will a transportation and logistics hub is projected to create 300 – 700 jobs with an average earnings of $64,014. This is the highest wage and job creation proposed by the study. While the study also cites other available inventory in the area, we do not believe that any are in a better location than this site. Due to the move of the port, the lack of warehousing between the new port and any major transportation route is not sufficient enough to handle the cargo generated.


Super Travel Center

The travel center would become a must stop for anyone coming and going in Louisiana. This would be a first class facility that would provide over 100+ permanent jobs. This super travel center will feature over 100 gas pumps and 50,000 square feet of space. Not only offering gas and the normal convenience store items, this location would offer the following:

• Hunting and fishing Gear

• Home Décor

• Apparel and toys

• Large clean restrooms with a full time concierge

• A full time kitchen



Media Contact:

Terrie Guerin

City Council District E


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