May 9, 2019

Jason Rogers Williams, Helena Moreno, City Council

New Orleans City Council Transitions Presidency

Seal of the City of New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS - Councilmembers-At-Large Jason Williams and Helena Moreno delivered remarks at today's regular meeting preceding the transition of roles from Council President to Council Vice President. Councilmembers shared news of ongoing progress and continued goals on public safety, housing, infrastructure, and more.

Councilmember Jason Williams says, "A healthier New Orleans means addressing decades old and present-day problems with an eye to the future, using every tool at our disposal. Through increased data collection, transparency, and budgeting that prioritizes people over bloated systems, we are working every day to make the next 300 years better than the last 300. I cannot overemphasize what this means for serving the children and youth of this city. Not only are we teaching our children at younger ages through financial investments in early childhood education, we are addressing the trauma of our young people instead of setting them up to fail. These steps are investments in our future as a city and as a whole community."

Councilmember Helena Moreno says, "Over the past year, each person on this dais has chipped away at problems and worked to find solutions to some of the greatest issues plaguing our city. It is my great honor to take on the duties of Council President, and as such, I will ensure our focus remains centered on creating a safer, more affordable, resilient, and equitable New Orleans."



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Katie Hunter-Lowrey 

Director of Communications

Councilmember-at-Large Jason Rogers Williams


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