May 6, 2020

Jason Rogers Williams, Helena Moreno

At-Large Councilmembers Moreno and Williams Launch Campaign to Promote and Encourage COVID-19 Testing

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NEW ORLEANS - Councilmembers Helena Moreno and Jason Williams are getting tested for COVID-19 on camera to show testing is safe, easy, free and coming to your neighborhood. 

Both went on camera to get a test to ease the nerves of those who are hesitant and to promote neighborhood testing sites all over the city. This is just part of their Crush The Curve New Orleans campaign to encourage access to COVID-19 testing for everyone in the city. 

The At-Large Councilmembers believe it is critically important that COVID-19 testing is available throughout New Orleans to understand the prevalence of the virus, identify hot spots, and provide care to those who test positive. 

"I'm proud to team up with my friend and colleague to encourage people to get tested. We must also continue our work on accessibility to tests and as medications and a vaccine are developed, access to those as well. That's what puts us on the path for all of us to get back to work and to the way things used to be. I'm also working with state legislators to mandate that access to these tests and medications are covered by Medicaid and private insurance. There are many pieces to this puzzle to Crush the Curve," said Councilmember Moreno.

"This quick and painless test can save countless lives and is especially critical for finding those people who may be spreading the virus without showing symptoms. Most diseases before COVID-19 caused people to feel ill, preventing them from even getting out of bed so that they naturally quarantined themselves. This virus is different; it's tricky because so many who get it will not know, will look and feel as good as ever and will go about their day unwittingly spreading it to countless others. And since it's a new virus, there is no cure, no vaccine and no widespread (heard) immunity, the only way to effectively fight this deceptive disease is widespread testing in every part of our city to find out who has it. I got tested to protect my loved ones and others I share New Orleans with. Go get tested for who matters to you. I am really excited to collaborate with Helena on this campaign to help New Orleans stay healthy and get our folks back on their feet," said Councilmember Williams.

To view the "Get Tested" PSA video by the At-Large Councilmembers, click here.

For more information on neighborhood testing sites and testing criteria, click here.
Councilmembers Moreno & Williams getting tested at the new COVID-19 mobile testing site launched this week in Central City 
Media Contact:
Andrew Tuozzolo
Office of Councilmember-at-Large Helena Moreno
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