May 12, 2020

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New Orleans City Council Extends Harrah's Community Grant Application Deadline to July 1

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NEW ORLEANS - The City Council has extended the deadline for the Harrah's Community Grant application to July 1, 2020. At its next regular meeting on May 21, the Council will consider legislation to allow applicants to submit Cox Communications and Harrah's Casino Community Grant applications electronically via the Council's website.


Ordinance 32,965 was introduced at last week's Council meeting, and Resolution R-20-127 is scheduled to appear for consideration on next week's agenda. If approved, both applications will be able to be completed entirely electronically. 

Once applications are received by the deadline on July 1, the grant manager will review each submission to ensure that all required information was included. If additional information is needed, the grant manager will reach out to notify the applicant. All applications will then be transmitted to the requested Council offices for final evaluation.  


"The move to an electronic process is being done to ensure that we get these funds into the community while keeping health and safety as the top priorities," said Council President Jason Williams Williams. "We know that many organizations need additional support as they adapt to this new normal. The goal here is to allow these organizations the additional time necessary to assess their needs and to utilize an application process that is in line with the advice of public health experts to continue social distancing whenever possible. These protocols will limit the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring that community organizations receive the financial assistance they need."

For more information on the City Council/Harrah's Community Support Grants Program, click here.


Media Contact:

David Gavlinski

Chief of Staff, New Orleans City Council

(504) 658-1101
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