October 17, 2019

Cyndi Nguyen

Council Approves Initiatives to Limit Small Box Retail Proliferation in New Orleans

Council Approves Initiatives to Limit Small Box Retail Proliferation in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS - Today, the City Council unanimously approved Zoning Docket 78/19 by District "E" Councilmember Cyndi Nguyen limiting Small Box Retail proliferation across the city. 

The Small Box Retail Diversity Study was commissioned in June 2018 to address discount stores in close proximity across the city that fail to offer fresh fruits and vegetables and negatively impact the plans of conventional grocery stores. The study identified 36 small box stores in New Orleans and 12 in District "E" with only three grocery stores in the district. 

"Residents across our district have expressed their wants and needs for greater diversity of retail shopping choices and balanced development," said Councilmember Nguyen. "We are proud to announce the approval of this zoning docket, which addresses residents' concerns by establishing density and litter abatement requirements for small box retail stores throughout the city."

In summary, this legislation accomplishes the following: 

  • Prohibits a small box store from opening within 2 miles of another in New Orleans East and the Westbank, and prohibits opening within 1 mile of another store in all other areas of the city;
  • Gives incentives for grocery stores to move into our District by allowing 5,000 extra square feet of floor area for any store located on Chef Menteur Highway, Hayne Boulevard, Downman Road, or Morrison Road;
  • Requires one trash can per 30 feet of store frontage and daily litter cleanup on the public right of way; and
  • Prohibits outside storage except for ice and propane tanks.



Monica Rainey

Councilmember Cyndi Nguyen, District "E"

1300 Perdido St., Room 2W60


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