October 23, 2019

Helena Moreno, City Council

Utilities Committee Orders First Rate Reductions For Residents in Almost Nine Years

Utilities Committee Orders First Rate Reductions For Residents in Almost Nine Years

NEW ORLEANS - Today, the Utilities Committee unanimously ordered electric and gas rate reductions for residents and businesses across New Orleans in a rate case resolution approved today. The resolution orders Entergy New Orleans to lower residential bills by an average of $34 a year, and saves taxpayers significant dollars with lower rates for the City and Sewerage and Water Board, while providing new green power options and freezing the regressive minimum customer charge at just $8.

"The Council recognizes that the people of this city are faced with many financial pressures coming from every direction. We owe it to them to deliver the best deal we can to reduce their bills and to provide a positive path for the city's energy future for years to come. With the unanimous advancement of this rate resolution, we move one step closer to delivering on those goals," said Councilmember Helena Moreno.

The rate resolution provides the Council with the opportunity to continue to make significant advancements on equity and climate issues. The filing includes freezing the regressive minimum charge (the charge received just for being an Entergy customer and not associated to specific services); holds ENO's return on equity (ROE) at a below-national average of 9.35%; creates a "green option" on bills to give customers opportunities to scale their purchase of clean energy; offering rebates for customers installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers, partnering with commercial customers and the city to build EV charging stations; enhances and stabilizes investment in our nationally-recognized Energy Smart program that helps lower bills through increased energy efficiencies and protection from rate shock through a minimum-impact on Algiers customers from their recent transition to ENO.


The resolution now moves on to the full Council for approval.




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