September 2, 2020

Cyndi Nguyen

Councilwoman Nguyen Shares District E Development Progress After the 15th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Councilwoman Nguyen Shares District E Development Progress After the 15th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

NEW ORLEANS - This weekend, with the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, many are looking back over the past 15 years and gauging redevelopment and progress. Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen would like to share information on progress in District E, the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans East, Fort Pike, and Venetian Isles since she took office as a City Councilmember on May 8, 2018:

"When you look at the unprecedented and unexpected decimation that the City of New Orleans faced 15 years ago in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, every step we have taken forward from that is progress. It started with every family that came home to the area, committing themselves to being part of the solution and recovery. From rebuilding homes and occupying them, starting businesses and patronizing them, and working collectively to get District E "Open for Business," residents have worked day in and day out to get the District back to the vibrant community we have now, and are continuing to grow" said Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen.

My office has a wide range of projects, but my focuses are on blight remediation, infrastructure, upgrades, supporting our businesses, economic investment, and housing. There has been over $213,000,000 in investment in District E in the past 28 months. This investment includes new construction and renovations on both commercial and residential properties. Our District has also seen 19 projects valued at $1,000,000 or more construction value, one in the Lower Ninth Ward and 18 in New Orleans East. We also have 1,250 active occupational licenses in the District, and are proud to support their growth. Residents of District E have much to be proud of. 


*All data below is publicly accessible on unless otherwise indicated.


Active Occupational Licenses: 


There are 1,250 active occupational licenses in District E, including: 

  • 13 Hotels
  • 22 Child Day Care Facilities
  • 27 Clothing Stores
  • 56 Restaurants (Full and Limited Service)
  • 77 Medical Facilities

New Housing Units:

  • Multi-Family Housing: 150 units
  • Senior Housing: 200 units
  • Two-Family Housing: 120 units (60 structures)
  • Single-Family Housing: 125 units

Land Use:

  • 23 Zoning Dockets Approved
  • 136 HDLC Certificates of Appropriateness Issued
  • 19 Conditional Use Applications Approved
  • 3 Zoning Changes Approved

Infrastructure Improvements:

*Does not include investments from multi-district projects, so the total investment is higher.


**All information can be accessed here:

  • Lower Ninth Ward: $76,026,519.46 (Total of 14 separate projects)
  • New Orleans East: $126,666,146.14 (Total of 26 separate projects)


Economic Investment:

Lower Ninth Ward:


New Orleans East:


"District E is the largest District in the City of New Orleans, almost two-thirds the size of the parish itself. We do have development and investments, but because our District is so large, it can be difficult to see it if it's not in your backyard," said Councilwoman Nguyen. "My office would like to support any local developers and small businesses that would like to establish or expand in District E. We will continue to do all we can to support local revitalization and investment, and look forward to working with our residents to keep District E 'Where Family Comes First."



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