Regular Meeting

August 12, 2010 

City Council Chamber

City Council August 12, 2010 Regular Meeting Summary

New Orleans, LA - August 12, 2010 - Today, the New Orleans City Council passed an Ordinance adopting the Master Plan, after receiving a report on the Master Plan and the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance from the City Planning Commission.
The Council also passed a Motion implementing furlough days for Council Central Staff employees.
Additionally, the Council received reports on the implementation and enforcement of the intact dog permit Ordinance, and the status of New Orleans vocational programs.

Adopted the Master Plan

Members of the City Planning Commission (CPC) and staff, including Yolanda Rodriguez, Executive Director; Dr. George Amadee, Chairman; Lou Volz, Vice Chairman; Joe Williams, Member; Ed Robinson, Member and Former Chairman; Leslie Alley, Deputy Director; Paul Cramer, Comprehensive Planning Administrator; Peggy McClain, Senior City Planner; Geoffrey Moen, Principal City Planner; and Arlen Brunson, Planning Administrator, appeared before the Council to brief Councilmembers on the completion of the Master Plan and progress in planning the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.
CPC representatives gave an overview of the many years of work leading up to the completion of the Master Plan, recognized the many individuals and organizations involved in the process, and emphasized the success of the Commission's community engagement efforts, including community meetings held throughout the last few years in all areas of the City.
Rodriguez also noted the requirements for review of the Master Plan, specifying that the document must be reviewed once every five years, and may be reviewed and amended once a year. Currently, the CPC is working to define and finalize the process for making future amendments to the Master Plan.
Following the Commission's presentation, the Council passed Ordinance Calendar No. 28,069, co-authored by Councilmembers Clarkson and Fielkow, providing for adoption of the Master Plan, also known as "Plan for the 21st Century: New Orleans 2030."
Council Vice President Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson said, "After many years of collaborative work and countless community meetings, we are taking the final step toward implementing the Master Plan. This comprehensive piece of legislation will encourage economic development and investment, support our neighborhoods and communities and help move our City forward to a full recovery. This is truly an historic moment for our City and we, as a Council, are very proud to be a part of this milestone."

Addressed Implementation Plan for Intact Dog Ordinance

Ana Zorrilla, Chief Executive Officer of Louisiana SPCA (LA/SPCA), appeared before the Council to report on the implementation of Ordinance No. 23,970 M.C.S., relative to intact dog permits.
The Ordinance, authored by Councilmember Hedge-Morrell and adopted by the Council earlier this year, promotes a spay and neuter program for dogs, and establishes an intact dog permit, fees and requirements for such permit and penalties for violations.
Zorrilla informed Councilmembers that intact dog permit applications are available at the LA/SPCA and online (click 
here), and detailed the various facets of the LA/SPCA's implementation and enforcement plan for the Ordinance, including:
-  Distribution of information on the intact dog permit to the public through community and neighborhood organizations, LA/SPCA website and local media broadcasts
-  Partnership with local veterinarians to ensure they understand the function of the intact dog permit and are equipped to inform and educate their clients
-  Designated "grace period" through the end of the year to inform and educate people on the intact dog permit and available spay/neuter programs
-  Full enforcement of Ordinance, including issuance of citations, beginning January 1, 2011
Click here to view the LA/SPCA's implementation plan, including relevant deadlines for enforcement and efforts to educate the public.
District "D" Councilmember Cynthia Hedge-Morrell said, "This legislation will help to keep the public safe and keep our animals healthy - something that we all feel strongly about. We have worked hard to allay the concerns of the kennel clubs, breeders, and pet owners. We recognize that the implementation of this Ordinance is a work in progress, and we will continue to work with the SPCA to ensure that the public is informed and that enforcement is consistent and transparent."

Implemented Furlough Days for Central Staff

The Council passed Motion M-10-347, co-authored by Councilmembers Gisleson Palmer and Guidry, implementing the following furlough days for Council Central Staff employees for the remainder of 2010, or until the mandatory unpaid furlough is terminated for city administrative employees, whichever comes sooner:

-          Friday, August 20
-          Friday, September 3
-          Friday, September 10
-          Friday, September 24
-          Monday, October 11
-          Friday, October 29
-          Friday, November 12
-          Wednesday, November 24
-          Friday, December 10
-          Thursday, December 23
On these days, the Council Central Staff offices, including the Chief of Staff, the Clerk of Council, the Council Research Office, the Council Fiscal Office and the Council Utilities Regulatory Office, will be closed to the public.
District "C" Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer said, "In this budget crisis, the Council recognizes that we should all do our fair share during these difficult times. In that spirit, the Council has voted to institute furlough days for our Central Staff to help the City recovery from this deficit and show our support to the Administration."
"District "A" Councilmember Susan G. Guidry said, "I think that we together, as a City, must come to terms with the financial realities before us. There are, at times, only a variety of difficult options and no good ones. This is one of those times. I support the use of furloughs for Council Central Staff and will implement the same measure in my own office as we work toward a more secure financial future."

Received Status Report on New Orleans Vocational Programs

Dr. Ron Wright, Chancellor of Delgado Community College, appeared before the Council, at the request of Councilmember Fielkow, to report on the state of New Orleans vocational programs.
Wright gave an update on enrollment figures at Delgado, the economic impact that the college and its graduates have on the City, and the current vocational and training programs that Delgado offers.

Wright also emphasized the need for a workplace sector study to determine which sectors need new employees in order to develop appropriate vocational programs tailored to fill current and future industry needs.
Council President Arnie Fielkow said, "The presence of high quality, accessible vocational programs in our City is critical to the future of our youth. These programs help to train young people in specialized areas, giving them the background and skill sets to be successful, ultimately generating a positive economic impact for the City."

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