Rescheduled Economic Development & Special Development Projects Committee Meeting

September 16, 2019 11:00 AM

City Council Chamber

  1. Roll Call
  2. Presentation - Downtown Development District regarding the overview of DDD’s continued growth and development – Kurt M. Weigle, President & CEO
  3. Ordinance Cal. No. 32,724 – Amend and reordain Section 70-498 of the Code relative to HireNola and its definition, and to amend the definition of “covered project”.
  4. Ordinance Cal. No. 32,725 – Ordain Section 2-8.1 of the Code relative to City contracts, to require a provision in all City contracts if City funds are awarded to a third party, and if that third party fails to fulfill its contractual obligations, that reimbursement or disgorgement of funds to the City is required.
  5. Ordinance Cal. No. 32,745 – Ordain Section 2-14 of the Code to prohibit the City from inquiring into the salary history from any person applying for positions (classified/unclassified) with the City, and to prohibit the City from relying upon the salary histories of applicants for City positions to determine starting salaries, and to provide for limited exceptions and enforcement from those prohibitions.
  6. Other Matters
  7. Adjourn
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