Criminal Justice Committee Meeting

January 23, 2023 10:00 AM

City Council Chamber

1. Roll Call
2. Approval of the minutes from the December 14, 2022 meeting
3. Thrive New Orleans – Discussion about how Thrive contributes to creating a better community and how its programs assist in reducing crime while providing opportunities for the youth through conflict resolutions. Presenter Bro. Hakim Kashif and Calvin Pep.
4. Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) – Discussion on how YEP programs engage the City’s youth. Presenter Chabre Johnson, Director of Reintegration Services; August Collins, Community Outreach & Engagement Coordinator.
5. New Orleans Youth Coalition – Discussion on how New Orleans Youth Coalition programs assist youth in the community. Presenter Brideisha K. Harness-Parker, Founder/Executive Director.
6. New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORD) – Discussion on NORD’s Summer 2023 youth activities. Presenter Larry Barabino, Jr., CEO
7. ORD. CAL. NO. 33,995 BY: COUNCILMEMBERS GREEN, KING AND THOMAS (BY REQUEST) – An Ordinance to amend and reordain Section 2-975 of Article X of Chapter 2 of the Code of the City of New Orleans to exempt juvenile detention officers and corrections staff of the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center and automotive repair staff of the Equipment Maintenance Division from the City’s domicile requirement; and otherwise to provide with respect thereto.
8. ORD. CAL. NO. 34,003 BY: COUNCILMEMBERS GREEN, THOMAS AND KING – An Ordinance to amend and reordain Section 66-283.5 of the Code of the City of New Orleans to reestablish a penalty of vehicle impoundment for illegal dumping; and otherwise to provide with respect thereto.
9. RESOLUTION - NO. R-23-13 BY:  COUNCILMEMBERS MORRELL AND MORENO, AS AMENDED – A Resolution establishing a task force between the City of New Orleans and the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) to address crime.
10. RESOLUTION - NO. R-23-14 BY:  COUNCILMEMBERS MORRELL AND MORENO – A Resolution establishing an educational program to inform the public on the epidemic of stolen firearms taken from vehicles being used in criminal activity.
11. RESOLUTION - NO. R-23-17 BY:  COUNCILMEMBERS MORRELL, KING AND MORENO – A Resolution in support of utilizing the Law Enforcement Management District of Orleans Parish to increase police presence and response times for non-violent service calls within the City of New Orleans.
12. Adjourn

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