Joint Economic Development & Budget Committee Meeting

July 25, 2023 10:00 AM

City Council Chamber

1.  Roll Call

2.  Approval of Minutes from April 25, 2023 Economic Development Committee meeting, and June 29, 2023 Budget/Audit/Board of Review Committee meeting

3.  Presentation from the Orleans Parish Assessor's Office regarding the 2024 Quadrennial Assessment and appeals process:

To Appear:  Erroll Williams, Orleans Parish Assessor

4.  Presentation on the City's current status with the Municipal Police Employee Retirement System (MPERS):

To Appear:  Gilbert Montaño, Chief Administrative Officer and Norman White, Chief Financial Officer

5.  ORD. CAL. NOS. 34,290 and 34,291 – BY:  COUNCILMEMBERS GIARRUSSO, MORENO, GREEN AND THOMAS (BY REQUEST)  For Discussion Only - No Vote

To Appear:  Dr. Jennifer Avegno

These ordinances amend Ordinance Nos. 29265 M.C.S. and 29266 M.C.S., as amended, entitled “An Ordinance Providing an Operating Budget of Revenues and Expenditures for the City of New Orleans for the Year 2023”, to appropriate court settlement funds to the Health Department for the Opioid Abatement Task Force to address issues related to the Opioid Crisis; and otherwise to provide with respect thereto.

Description:  Transfer $1,722,770 from Intergovernmental Revenues (FUND 6699) to the Louisiana Opioid Abatement Task Force Fund (FUND 5153)/ Health Department in Other Operating.

6.  Adjournment

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