Joint Budget and Criminal Justice Committee Meeting

August 08, 2023 10:00 AM

City Council Chamber

1.  Roll Call 

2.  Approval of the Joint Economic Development and Budget Committee meeting minutes of July 25, 2023

3.  ORD. CAL. NOS. 34,302 and 34,303 - BY:  COUNCILMEMBERS GIARRUSSO, MORENO, GREEN AND THOMAS (BY REQUEST) – To Present: Norman White, CFO City of New Orleans and Jason Akers of Foley & Judell, L.L.P

These ordinances amend Ordinance Nos. 29265 M.C.S. and 29266 M.C.S., as amended, entitled “An Ordinance Providing an Operating Budget of Revenues and Expenditures for the City of New Orleans for the Year 2023”, to appropriate funds to the Department of Finance for the outstanding Parity Bond Notes in series 2012, 2016 and 2017; and otherwise to provide with respect thereto:  

Description:  Transfer $34,070,000 from the Reserve Fund (FUND 1182)/ Other Financing Sources use of the Fund Balance to the General Fund (FUND 1000)/Department of Finance 600-Debt Service.

4.  Departmental Quarterly Reports:

a)  Criminal District Court

b)  Juvenile Court

c)  District Attorney

d)  Coroner’s Office

e)  Office of Independent Police Monitor

f)  Clerk of Criminal District Court

g)  JJIC

h)  Sheriff

i)  NOPD

5.  Budget Reports – CAO/Finance:

a)  Revenue Collections Report

b)  Personnel Spending Forecast

c)  Operating Expenses – Available Balances by Department

d)  Staffing Report

e)  Reports on Citywide FTE’s:

       i.  Filled vs. Vacant FTE’s

      ii.  Budget: Filled vs. Vacant FTE’s

f)  Fund balances report

6.  Adjournment

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