Economic Development & Special Development Projects

May 14, 2024 10:00 AM

City Council Chamber

1.  Roll Call

2.  Approval of minutes from March 4, 2024, and March 19, 2024, Economic Development and Special Development Projects Committee meetings.

3.  Nunez Community College to present on the Aerospace Manufacturing Technology program:

To Present

a.  Tina M. Tinney, Ed. D., Chancellor of Nunez Community College

b.  Dr. Cherie Kay LaRocca, Vice Chancellor for Education, Training and Student Success

4.  Presentation by the Office of Economic Development regarding a proposed overhaul to the Restoration Tax Abatement program:

To Present

a.  Jeffrey Schwartz, Economic Development Director

b.  Tracey Jackson, Restoration Tax Abatement Program Manager

5.  Motion No. M-24-218 - By:  Councilmembers Green and Thomas (By Request)

Motion authorizing the president of the Council to sign Amendment No. 3 to the bid contract between the City and Orleans Security, LLC, d/b/a Force 1 Protection, to provide security services to Gordon Plaza and Lincoln Beach.

To Present:  Cheryn Robles, Office of Resilience and Sustainability

6.  Motion No. M-24-219 - By:  Councilmember Green (By Request)

Motion authorizing the president of the Council to sign a 5-year, $1,000,000 subrecipient agreement to supersede an existing cooperative endeavor agreement between the City of New Orleans and the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority for the redevelopment of the former Six Flags property. The new agreement adds language and exhibits regarding the use of American Rescue Act Funds and corresponding compliance requirements, including eligible activities and a budget for those activities.

To Present

a.  Courtney Stuckwisch Wong, Deputy Director of Economic Development

b.  New Orleans Redevelopment Authority

7.  Adjournment

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