April 10, 2020

Jay H. Banks

Councilman Jay H. Banks Urges Caution During Upcoming Holiday Weekend

Councilman Jay H. Banks Urges Caution During Upcoming Holiday Weekend
NEW ORLEANS - This weekend is a large holiday weekend and typically a time for families to gather and celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday. However, as we continue our efforts to flatten the curve, District "B" Councilman Jay H. Banks is urging citizens to continue to social distance. 
"I have been begging people to "Stay Home" for a reason. This thing is killing people, and there is no factual basis that certain people cannot get it.  As a matter of fact, the 100% opposite is true," Banks said. "I know Good Friday and Easter Sunday are large family gathering days. I know that 'It's just going to be my family' logic is raging. The fact is that your 'family' likely live in different households. You cannot risk killing your aunt, your mother, grandfather, niece, godchild or anyone else you care about by gathering. The virus does not care that you are family."
To date, COVID-19 has impacted 5,242 and caused the death of 224. While it is clear that social distancing has slowed the spread, the situation is still very serious. However, the Council is hoping to move forward to normalcy soon.
Banks continued, "Please don't make this the last holiday you or your loved ones celebrate. When this is over, we can have the biggest party, crawfish boil, second line, Festival and family celebration ever but, just not now. Help to save lives and STAY HOME!"

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