April 28, 2021

City Council

City Council Responds to Recent Comments by Representative Raymond E. Garofalo, Jr. on the “Good” of Slavery

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NEW ORLEANS - The New Orleans City Council has sent a letter to Representative Raymond E. Garofalo, Jr. on behalf of all seven members responding to recent comments referencing the “good” of slavery. As stated in the letter, the Council refers to Representative Garofalo's statement, saying, "suggesting there was some 'good' within the immoral evil of slavery as practiced in this country is reprehensible. There is no equivocation or relativism possible within the dark history of this institution. Any attempts to excuse these realities is not only wrong but unforgivable."


The letter goes on to condemn Garofalo's bill, HB564, citing the racist and sexist nature of its content and the potential negative impacts for generations of Louisiana’s elementary and secondary school students and university scholars. Concluding their response to Representative Garofalo, the Council states, "If you feel that there is “good” in slavery, you should resign immediately."


To view the letter in its entirety, click here.





Media Contact:

Andrew Tuozzolo

Chief of Staff

Office of Council President Helena Moreno


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