August 7, 2018

Utility, Cable, Telecommunications and Technology Committee, Helena Moreno

Council Utility Chair Announces the Start of Independent Investigation of Entergy New Orleans

Council Utility Chair Announces the Start of Independent Investigation of Entergy New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS - Utility Committee Chair and Council Vice-President Helena Moreno announced today that the professional services agreement between the Council, Sher, Garner, Cahill, Richter, & Klein, LLC (Sher Garner) and Judge Calvin Johnson (Judge Johnson) was signed today formally initiating the independent investigation into allegations with Entergy New Orleans (ENO). 

On June 21, the Council unanimously approved the motion (M-18-255) to retain Sher Garner and Judge Johnson as the independent investigators tasked with delving into allegations that ENO hired professional actors to attend one or more Council meetings on the application to construct the New Orleans Power Station (NOPS). 

As described in the motions launching the investigation process (M-18-196 and M-18-197), Sher Garner and Judge Johnson will have 30 days to review materials submitted by ENO, conduct additional interviews as needed, and compile a report of their findings. 

At the conclusion of the investigation, the report, as well as all materials submitted by ENO, will be made available to the public.

"The people of New Orleans deserve to have complete faith in their public utility. This includes faith that their utility will not circumvent necessary community outreach or work to undermine public input," said Councilmember Moreno. "The results of this investigation will help the Council determine if further punitive action is needed to hold ENO accountable for any role they may have played in hiring paid actors to participate in the Council's meetings."


Sherae M. Hunter 
Director of Community Engagement and Special Projects
Office of Councilmember-At-Large Helena Moreno
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