February 21, 2019

Jason Rogers Williams

SHARP to Launch Program Dressing Men for Success

SHARP to Launch Program Dressing Men for Success

NEW ORLEANS - On Thursday, February 21, SHARP New Orleans will present a Special Order of Business to the New Orleans City Council. SHARP is a nonprofit organization that offers professional attire and resources for men trying to overcome workforce barriers to employment. The presentation to the City Council occurs one day before their "Ready for Takeoff" gala being held at the NOPSI Hotel, Friday, February 22. The gala will launch the organization and bring awareness to their mission. The event will recognize the "Sharpest in New Orleans," men who look, think and stay SHARP as well as create opportunities for others in their communities.

Council President Jason Williams says, "How many young men do we know with the heart, work ethic, and desire to do a good job but would present at a job interview as DOA: Dead On Arrival because of their appearance? The package does matter on all levels. This is so overdue and I am so grateful on behalf of all the young men this will help."

SHARP Founder Patrick Young says, "Even though we don't want to admit it, first impressions matter a lot. According to research, you only have a tenth of a second. Unfortunately, not everyone can invest in expensive new clothing just to make a good first impression, especially if you're standing on the edge of poverty. This is where the nonprofit organization SHARP comes in. Our professional presentation program gives men confidence and a professional look as they prepare for job interviews. We bridge a critical gap between job development programs that provide training, and the remaining skills and look needed to be considered for and obtain employment. SHARP is the only program of its kind in the area and our services are desperately needed in New Orleans and beyond."

To learn more about Sharp and how you can support the organization, visit their website:


Media Contact:
Katie Hunter-Lowrey
Director of Communications
Councilmember-At-Large Jason Rogers Williams
(504) 345-4076

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