July 1, 2020

Helena Moreno

Councilmember Moreno Announces Official Launch of $22M City Council Cares (CCC) Entergy Bill Assistance Program

Councilmember Moreno Announces Official Launch of $22M City Council Cares (CCC) Entergy Bill Assistance Program

NEW ORLEANS - Today, Utilities Chair Helena Moreno announced the formal launch of the "City Council Cares" bill assistance program, which provides up to $100 a month of Entergy bill assistance for New Orleanians that have faced job or wage losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill credits last for four months and not only come at no cost to other ratepayers, serve to offset future costs that would have been passed on to all due to the economic downturn. Those offset costs, therefore, save all ratepayers money over time.


"I'm proud to announce the launch of this innovative, one-of-a-kind assistance program for New Orleanians focused on providing direct cash assistance to those most economically impacted by the pandemic," said Councilmember Moreno. "The economic toll of the pandemic continues to build, so we knew we needed to match the great need with a significant relief package to help our people get through these tough times. Thanks to collaborative work with ENO, our team of legal and technical advisors, and citizen advocates, we built something unique and impactful for all ratepayers."


The website for The City Council Cares (CCC) Program is scheduled to go live today, July 1, 2020.


Entergy New Orleans residential customers who have an active Entergy New Orleans electric or electric/gas combination account can visit CCC to 69516, call (504) 493-7004, or visit one of our two New Orleans walk-in customer care centers to apply for the Program. 


Entergy New Orleans will alert customers to the availability of the Program through the following measures:

  • Bill insert for all residential Entergy New Orleans customers who receive a paper bill. A bill message also will be added for those who receive bills electronically. 
  • Social media posts on Entergy New Orleans' Facebook and Twitter pages. You are encouraged to share our social posts with your constituents as well.
  • A link to register for the CCC Program will be added to the Entergy New Orleans COVID-19 residential resources page:
  • Flyers will be available at Entergy New Orleans' two customer care centers.
  • Engagement with our non-profit partners such as The United Way, Second Harvest Food Bank, Catholic Charities and TCA to share application information.


To access self-service options for the customer assistance plans, users can visit, use Entergy's mobile app, call 1-800-Entergy, or visit one of our New Orleans walk-in customer care centers.


The program is focused on those who have filed for unemployment assistance since March, including hospitality, "gig," and 1099 workers. To apply, text CCC to 69516 or go to




Media Contact:

Andrew Tuozzolo

Chief of Staff

Office of Councilmember-at-Large Helena Moreno 

(504) 281-9882

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