March 13, 2019

District C, Kristin Gisleson Palmer

Krewe De Bleu Community Event Raises Money for NOPD Fourth District's Bicycle Patrol

Krewe De Bleu Community Event Raises Money for NOPD Fourth District's Bicycle Patrol

NEW ORLEANS - District "C" Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer, along with several organizations in Algiers, hosted a fundraiser in February to raise money for six new patrol bicycles for the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) Fourth District. The Krewe De Bleu Bike event helped bring in a total of $6,500 for the Fourth District which patrols all of Algiers.

"I'm proud of our Algiers' neighborhoods coming together to support our local police department," said Councilmember Palmer. "The venue, food and drinks were all donations from businesses, organizations and neighborhood groups. They saw a need and were determined to fill it."

The funds from the event will go to COP4, a nonprofit, volunteer organization that host fundraisers and community events to support and enhance the effectiveness and morale of the officers in the Fourth District.

"With this funding, we will be able to purchase "up to date" bikes and expand our bicycle program," said NOPD Fourth District Commander Ceasar Ruffin. "The Fourth District has approximately 20 certified bike operators including ranking officers. The additional bikes will help us continue the specialized patrols in district parks, shopping malls, and neighborhoods as well as walking and bike trails. However, the biggest win here is how the community came together to support the department and its officers."

Laura Cottingim and Kevin G. Wooldridge of the Memorial Foundation presenting a $1,000 check to Commander Ruffin at NOPD Fourth District Thursday, March 12, 2019




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