November 5, 2018

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City Council Announces Launch of New Website, COUNCIL.NOLA.GOV

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NEW ORLEANS - The new website of the New Orleans City Council went live today, Nov. 5, 2018. The new site,, marks a vast improvement to the site that it replaces.

The Council's new website was designed and is maintained by public servants, and replaces a privately hosted platform operating on an antiquated architecture. The new site boasts a powerful search engine that gives the public easy access to legislative history, city laws and past meeting summaries. The site is mobile friendly and integrates seamlessly with the Council's meeting and agenda archive as well as the Council's legislative history. The site also provides the framework for a more robust presence for future Council-led initiatives such as the Council's new Crime Dashboard and Prison Population Snapshot and monthly budget monitoring. These are two initiatives from Council President, and Criminal Justice Committee Chair, Jason Williams, and District "D" Councilmember, and Chair of the Budget Committee, Jared Brossett, respectively. The Crime Dashboard was developed by City Council Public Safety Analyst, Jeff Asher.

"These dashboards provide citizens with a unique look into crime and the criminal justice system in New Orleans in an easily digestible format for the user and data that is current," said Public Safety Analyst for the Council, Jeff Asher. "With the crime tracker dashboard, anyone can see crime figures for the city and evaluate trends in their area as they develop using open data provided by NOPD. The jail population snapshot dashboard, meanwhile, provides a one-of-a-kind look into who is currently in custody in New Orleans using data from the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office. This information is critical to showing our shrinking jail population and highlighting ways the system is succeeding and needs work. I'm excited that this information is available in a way that people both inside and out of New Orleans can use."

Councilmember Brossett provided the vision for the new website, working with Council Chief of Staff, David Gavlinski, and the City's Information Technology and Innovation team to build the new site from scratch. The effort represents the culmination of a long-held goal to upgrade the Council's web presence while maintaining its meeting archive. It also achieves the goal of bringing the website in-house, which provides for cost savings as well as the ability to roll out ongoing improvements directly to the public.

"I am extremely proud and excited to be announcing the launch of the new City Council website today," said Councilmember Brossett. "This new and improved web portal will increase government transparency and efficiency, allowing us to better serve the citizens of New Orleans."

In addition to the new website, the Council has recently renovated the City Council Chamber and made additions to its central staff. These investments mark the Council's commitment to improving the way the Council engages the public and to making continued improvements to long-neglected systems and practices.

"I have been working on the concept of public-facing criminal justice dashboards since the end of last term," said Council President Williams. "The public deserves absolute transparency as it relates to public safety and they should have unfettered, unfiltered access to the actual data that measures that effort. Making information more accessible and well organized is not just a tenant of smart cities or of criminal justice reform, it is a common-sense measure for the public good. I'm excited that all residents will have quick and easy access to the information contained in the Crime Dashboard on the new City Council website.  Having a real baseline such as this can tell us where we are succeeding and where we are failing. Commitments to efforts at transparency by government departments like this one are necessary for a safer and healthier New Orleans."





David Gavlinski

Chief of Staff

(504) 658-1101


New Orleans City Council

The New Orleans City Council is the legislative branch of New Orleans city government. The Council considers and enacts all local laws that govern the City of New Orleans. The Council also approves the operating and capital budgets for the City, as recommended by the mayor, and continually monitors revenues and expenditures for local government operations. The City Council is also the regulatory body for public utilities. It also reviews and has final say on many land use and zoning matters, as well as considers major economic development projects for the City. As a Board of Review for Orleans Parish, the Council examines appeals of property tax assessments for real estate taxes, and certifies tax rolls to the Louisiana Tax Commission. Other responsibilities of the Council include overseeing the operation of the public access television in Orleans Parish. Streaming video and video archives of the City Council's Regular and Committee meetings can be found on the City Council website.

The City Council is comprised of five districts and two Councilmembers-at-large. Council President and Councilmember-at-Large Jason R. Williams; Council Vice President and Councilmember-at-Large Helena Moreno; District "A" Councilmember Joseph I. Giarrusso; District "B" Councilmember Jay H. Banks; District "C" Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer; District "D" Councilmember Jared C. Brossett; and District "E" Councilmember Cyndi Nguyen.

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