Active Dockets

    UD-23-02: Resolution and Order Establishing a Docket To Assess and Amend Service Regulations and Code Provisions Related to Customer Protections

    Council Docket UD-23-02, established via Resolution R-23-552, initiated proceedings to revise the Service Regulations and other customer protections enumerated in Article VIII of the Code of Ordinances.  Over the past three years, the City of New Orleans experienced unprecedented events, including the global Covid 19 pandemic, a record number of excessive heat warnings, and drought conditions, which led officials to declare several states of emergency.  These events exposed gaps in the Customer Protections which allow the utility to disconnect utility service to customers during a declared emergency.  As a result, input from stakeholders and advocates has highlighted the need for revisions to the Customer Protections to address other gaps such as prohibiting service disconnects during declared states of emergency, expanding access to payment arrangements after moratoria ends, and clarifying the customer complaint process.  As such, the Council believes it in the public interest to initiate a comprehensive review of the Customer Protections and established this docket to evaluate and propose revisions to existing Customer Protections as established in the service regulations and the City of New Orleans’ Code of Ordinances. 

    Pertinent docket deadline dates are/were as follows:

    • December 14, 2023 – Commencement of formal discovery upon full Council adoption of initiating resolution R-23-552 through Friday, April 19, 2024; 
    • January 19, 2024 – Parties may intervene in the docket by filing a Motion to Intervene with the Clerk of Council, an electronic copy addressed to Mr. Byron Minor at email:, and paying the applicable filing fee, unless such fee is waived pursuant to Council Resolution R-16-365.  Any objection to motions to intervene shall be filed within 5 days of such requests; 
    • February 23, 2024 – Intervenor comments, testimony, or other information due; 
    • March 12, 2024 – CURO to host technical conference for parties to have an opportunity to present proposed changes to the service regulations, Code of Ordinances, and ask questions of presenting parties per the Agenda; 
    • April 19, 2024 – Discovery deadline; 
    • May 3, 2024 Intervenors and ENO reply comments due.